Reports and Tools

This tab provides access to the reports and accompanying spreadsheet tools developed as part of this project.  It is important to note that users should refer to the technical manual and practical guide when populating any of the spreadsheet tools.  Appropriate training in an appropriate discipline and in the application of these tools is also strongly encouraged to avoid inappropriate application of these guidelines.

Download Technical Manual (PDF) (6 MB) here

Download Practical Guide (PDF) (5 MB) here

Download Literature Review (PDF) (2 MB) here

Download Annexures

    - Download Annexure 2 (PDF) (248 KB) here

    - Download Annexure 3 (PDF) (260 KB) here

    - Download Annexure 5 (PDF) ( KB) here

    - Download Annexure 6 (PDF) here

    - Download Annexure 7 (PDF) here

    - Download Annexure 8 (PDF) here

    - Download Annexure 17 (PDF) here

    - Download Annexure 18 (PDF) here

Download Rivers:

 - Field Sheet (Excel) (29 KB)   here

 - Site Based Tool (Excel) (160 KB) here

Download Wetlands: 

 - Field Sheet (Excel) (31 KB) here

 - Site Based Tool (Excel) (153 KB) here

Download Estuaries:  

 - Field Sheet (Excel) (27 KB) here

 - Site Based Tool (Excel) (174 KB) here

Download Desktop Tool (Excel) (187 KB) here

Download Mitigation Tool (Excel) (248 KB) here

To aid in populating the Desktop and Site Based Tools, spatial data (inherent runoff potential, mean annual precipitation, mean annual temperature, rainfall intensity and soil erodibility) is available from the Spatial Data and Useful Information tab.