20 minutes a day -- READ, REFLECT, RESPOND (Prayer) 

Confirmation Scheduale 

January 25   Opening & Worship

February 1   Lay Leadership

February 8   Discipleship

February 15        Catechism

February 18        Session Sit In 

February 22        Catechism II

March 1      God’s Commandments

March 8     Salvation/Open Ques.

March 9      Overnight Retreat, Leave @ 6 pm, Return Saturday @2 pm

March 18      Session Interview

April 1, Palm Sun .        Communicants Service

    Celebratory lunch to follow!

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During confirmation, students in 7th through 8th grades explore their faith and the foundations of the church.

Buffalo Presbyterian has a confirmation experience that is filled with experiential learning, large and small group discussion, snacks and individual journaling allow young people a meaningful faith journey. Adult volunteers lead small groups, allowing for in-depth discussions and more personal attention.

Our curriculum this year will cover everything mentioned in the scheduale and will be led by Rev Jesse, Chris, and Rev Lauren. We are committed to providing our young people with a foundation in Christ that they will be able to stand on their whole life.



Confirmation Notes: