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The Buffalo Springfield lasted 19 months, yet their music, three studio albums, a retrospective and one of the finest box sets compiled on any band, and their importance in music history will last forever.
The Springfield is perhaps best known for what its members accomplished after the band broke up. Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, Jim Messina. These names all became huge after the parting of the ways, on May 5, 1968. Yet the Springfield music, a blend of rock, folk, country, and a little soul, drove them to success with three impressive and influencial albums. They only had one hit single, "For What it's Worth", but the  songs on their albums were written by three very unique and distinctive songwriters and guitarists; Stephen Stills, Neil Young, and Richie Furay. Back those songs with the percussion work of Dewey Martin and the bass lines of Bruce Palmer, and what we had was some of the best songs ever.
And thus we begin our look at the career of a short-lived but innovative band. As Ritchie Furay has said, " The Springfield was Stephen's (Stills) band, but somehow Neil (Young) always seemed to call the shots. " The Springfield had their share of band conflicts between Stills and Young, the leaders of the group, as well as personnel changes, and drug conflicts. But their music will live on. They were one of the first bands to embrace what became known as country rock,(or Cosmic American Music, as Gram Parson chose to call it) and much of their rock/folk/country blend was better than anything that was going on at that time and certainly alot better than alot of what is going on now (2005). and that is a fitting tribute to one of the innovators.
We begin with some news about yet another rumour that The Buffalo Springfield will reform in the not to distant future The original line up, of course never can be, due to the death of original bassist, Bruce Palmer, on 1 Oct 2004.We can dream, can't we? Two videos of the Buffalo Springfield have been added to a new  site,the link to which can be found to your left, both featuring For What It's Worth, a promo video, and a live performance at the Monterey Festival featuring David Crosby of The Byrds.
 We hope you enjoy your time here and that you'll return often.
Long May You Run
DEWEY MARTIN September 30, 1940 – January 31, 2009
Buffalo Springfield

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Membership List

Buffalo Springfield I (1966 - May 1967)

  • Richie Furay - guitar/vocals - b. Paul Richard Furay, May 9, 1944, Yellow Springs (Dayton), Ohio - formerly with New York-based vocal group The Au Go Go Singers.
  • Stephen Stills - guitar/vocals - b. January 3, 1945, Dallas, Texas - formerly with The Continentals, The Au Go Go Singers, and The Company.
  • Neil Young - guitar/vocals - b. November 12, 1945, Toronto, Canada - formerly with The Classics, The Squires, and The Mynah Birds (w/Bruce Palmer and Rick James).
  • Dewey Martin - drums/vocals - b. September 30, 1942, Chesterville, Canada - formerly with Sir Raleigh and The Coupons
  • Bruce Palmer - bass - b. 1946, Liverpool, Canada - formerly with
  • The Mynah Birds and Jack London and the Sparrows.
  • Album:

    (1966) - Single: "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing"
     (1967) - Single: "For What It's Worth"


    Buffalo Springfield II (May 1967 - September 1967)

  • Richie Furay - guitar/vocals
  • Stephen Stills - guitar/vocals
  • Doug Hastings - guitar
  • Dewey Martin - drums/vocals
  • Bruce Palmer - bass - Deported back to Canada during sessions for second    album, "Buffalo Springfield Again".
  • Ken Koblun - bass
  • Jim Fielder - bass - b. October 4, 1947, Denton, Texas.
  • Album:

    Jim Fielder joins Blood, Sweat and Tears
    Doug Hastings joins Rhinoceros


    Buffalo Springfield III (September 1967 - May 1968)

    Richie Furay - guitar/vocals
    Jim Messina - lead guitar/bass/vocals - b. James Messina,
    December 5, 1947, Maywood, California
    Stephen Stills - guitar/vocals
    Neil Young - guitar/vocals
    Dewey Martin - drums


    Last Time Around (1969) - released posthumously


    2. Expecting to Fly October (1970)
    3. Buffalo Springfield December (1973) (2LP)
    4.Buffalo Springfield (4-CD box set) (2001) 


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