What Is EDC?

The Entrepreneur Design Contest is intended to:
  • Encourage entrepreneurship in the college of engineering: By providing incentives and guidance, SAGE encourages graduate and undergraduate students to explore entrepreneurship and convert the technology they study and ideas they develop to potential business opportunities.
  • Build ties between the College of Engineering and other colleges at Boston University: The competition is designed to encourage collaboration amongst the students from the College of Engineering, the School of Management, the College of Arts and Sciences, and others.  By forming mixed teams with students from each department, the contestants become exposed to a wide range of technical and management issues that surround starting a small business. Students in other fields besides Engineering and Management will prove to bring a new perspective to the competition based on what they are studying.
  • Bring industry recognition to the College of Engineering: Successful entrepreneurship by students from the College of Engineering adds to Boston University's presence and recognition in industry. Such recognition serves to reinforce and attract additional relationships with businesses as well as potential recruiters. 
  • Expand previous boundaries of the competition: In previous years the reach of the EDC was bounded mainly by College of Engineering and School of Management.   Spreading the word to other colleges within Boston University will serve to broaden the possibilities for new ventures born from the minds of Boston University students.

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