Welcome to the Budo Academy

Budo Academy was founded 2006 and it is member of Finnish Karate Federation (EKF, WKF). Club was formed to provide training in traditional Okinawan martial arts for kid's and adults. BA train under Chief Instructor of Europe Shihan Jamal Measara, 7.dan Kobudo and 8.dan Karate. BA is Finnish's headquarter of Okinawa Jinbukan Kobudo.We are delighted to welcome you to any of our classes.

Savon Vocational Collage, Presidentinkatu 3, door B2/B1 map. 

Instructors Marko Haataja, 4.dan Okinawan Seibukan karate and 3. dan Okinawan kobudo , began studying Karate in 1983 and Jukka Ikonen, 3. dan, began studying Karate in 1988.

Contact, +358 44 785 3278 Lohkaretie 13 a 9 70700 KUOPIO FINLAND

NEWS: Okinawa Karate & Kobudo Winter Camp,

Shihan Jamal Measara, 8 .dan 2014

City of Kuopio

Kuopio is a modern, developing centre of economic life in Eastern Finland. Kuopio is a city of expertise, science and technology. Unique nature and services of excellent quality make the city an appealing place to live and offer an environment with a high quality of life. The people of the growing city haven't forgotten their roots but still value the genuine Savo way of living highly. In the 8th largest town in Finland, there are about 90 000 inhabitants currently. In addition, in the surrounding area there live 600 000 people. The city was founded in 1775.

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Seibukan Karate-Do

Seibukan Shorin Ryu is a style of karate developed by Master Zenryo Shimabukuro, student of the great Master Chotoku Kyan. It is neither a hard or soft style and requires power and precision as well as speed and agility. Repetition of basics and kata are the foundation of training in Seibukan Shorin Ryu. Since Karate-Do extends beyond movements and techniques to spirit, consciousness and development of the student's personality, you can follow the Karate way from childhood to old age. Okinawa Karate includes exercises and movements based on ancient eastern traditions for increasing health, as well as strengthening internal and external organs.

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Okinawa Jinbukan Kobudo

Kobudo literally means "old martial art" and was developed in the 15th century in Okinawa (Japan). It is a way of fighting with what used to be tools of the simple people, such as peasants, fishermen and craftsmen. Kobudo originates in the Ryu islands, the biggest one of which is Okinawa

This martial art was trained and developed under extreme secrecy and was passed on often only within the family. This veil of secrecy was only to be lifted in the middle of the 20th century. Since Okinawan Kobudo does not include combat fighting or sports competitions, it has preserved it's character as a traditional and unadulerated martial art.

Kanei Katsuyoshi is the founder of Jinbukan Okinawa Kobudo.

Today's Kokusai Okinawa Kobudo Kyokai, under the present leadership of Sensei Kanei Hitoshi, son of the legendary Kanei Katsuyoshi, has the aim to preserve and spread this traditional and unadulerated Kobudo, just as it was developed and taught by the old masters.

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