Track your families expenses to help make a budget

This is the third version of our Expenses Tracking Spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet is designed to help you save money by tracking your expenses.  Because you know where you are spending your money, you can draw up a budget which will enable you to manage your finances.

For best results, the spreadsheet should be used with Excel 2003 and later, although it will work with Excel 2000 and OpenOffice 3.2

Headings on individual spreadsheet pages may be customised to suit your circumstances.  There are eight categories on each page

We always welcome your suggestions for modifications and additions to the next version.

Please note:
In order that some formulae work correctly, you must have installed the "Analysis Toolpak" add-in in your copy of Excel.  To do this, go to Tools->Add-ins ... in Excel and ensure that "Analysis ToolPak" is checked.  You may require the installation discs to complete this step

Lynn Wood & David Annetts

To download notes about how to use the spreadsheet, follow either of the two links belowMake sure you save the link rather than opening it.
    Download Quick guide to Budget Spreadsheet (Recommended)
    Download Detailed notes about how to use the Budget Spreadsheet.

To download Version 3 of the Budget Spreadsheet, follow this linkMake sure you save the link rather than opening it.

The current version of the Budget Spreadsheet is 3.0 and it was last updated on 05 January, 2011.  If you are not already using this version, then we recommend that you update your copy as soon as is practical.