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This page includes free dictionaries, reference guides, personal homework help sites and more!


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FIND IT VIRGINIA (Research Site):  http://www.finditva.com/cgi-bin/main.cgi  

Easy Define:  Define up to 25 tearms at 1 time:   http://www.easydefine.com/

Easy Bib Makerhttp://www.easybib.com/

 Flash Cards:  http://www.studystack.com/Home.jsp


Student Tools

The following is a collection of over 16 essential (and free!) helpful online student tools and resources.  We’ve handpicked these and believe you’ll find them valuable for your assignments and projects.  Also don’t forget to check out our other sections: our handy tips and guides, our student survival kit, and our guide to deals and discounts.

General Reference Tools

Here are some really useful reference tools for students.

  • OneLook Dictionary Search – Multiple dictionaries that are browsable and searchable. Includes domain-specific dictionaries and glossaries such as business, law, art, e-commerce, real estate, finance, medicine, computing, science, and foreign language.
  • Wikipedia – a collaborative wiki (on just about any subject) that anybody can edit and contribute to. Find information on almost anything.
  • Xrefer.com – a useful reference for facts, concepts, quotations, biographies from prestigious reference sources such as the Oxford University Press, Penguin and Macmillan. Searchable by facts, quotes, words or all entries. Cross-referenced for further exploration.
  • RefDesk.com – This comprehensive collection of reference resources contains more than 300 pages of encyclopedias, dictionaries, facts & figures, useful web sites, and much more.
  • Calculator.com – A vast collection of calculators for many purposes and disciplines.


Useful Research Tools

Tools to help you with research projects and papers.

  • Research Methods Knowledge Base – A web-based textbook that introduces the user to many aspects of social research methods: forming research questions, sampling, measurement, research design, data analysis, validity, reliability, ethics, etc.




Useful Writing Tools

Resources for helping you write papers.

  • Rhyming Dictionary – An online rhyming dictionary. Useful for writing poetry and song lyrics.
  • Writing Guide – An easy to use guide from St. Cloud State University that provides help on how to properly cite sources, use quotations, use punctuation, etc.
  • GrammarBook – A handy reference on grammar and punctuation. Includes brief explanations of the rules, and exercises/quizzes.


Helpful Statistics Tools

Helpful Statistics Tools

  • Electronic Statistics Textbook – One of the best online textbooks with explanations and definitions of statistics concepts. Best of all, it’s free!
  • FedStats – A gateway to federal statistics and online statistical agencies on the web. Find stats by topic or geographic area, find maps, download reports, etc.
  • CensusScope – An easy-to-use tool for investigating U.S. demographic trends. Provided by University of Michigan’s Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN). Quickly generates tables, charts and maps visualizing statistical trends within a selected metro area, state, or the entire country.



Information from:  http://www.studenttools.info/student-tools


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