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Hollywood Love Rugs

hollywood love rugs
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hollywood love rugs - I Love
I Love Lucy Smarts
I Love Lucy Smarts
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80% (15)
She works at
Lotus Dreams, a store
which sells all kinds of
merchandise from India,
and which is on
Hollywood Boulevard.

She happily posed for me outside of the store
in the glaring sunlight,
and then welcomed me
inside, showing off the
beautiful rugs and
tapestries on the walls
and other colorful
and intriguing
Indian paraphenalia.

She said she was born in
Gujarat, India,
which I should visit
when I visit, and that
she does not own the
store, but works there
during the weekdays.

"Hollywood is both
good and bad," she
aptly stated. "I think
it's getting better."
I agreed, as it is.

She told me her name, Anjali, means
"an offering
to the gods."
Michelle's Mug Rug - Front
Michelle's Mug Rug - Front
I made this for my friend. She loves the Beatles (see the back), but I didn't know what to do for the front. So I asked her what colors she likes, and she said blue and yellow, since she went to UCLA. So I did a really bad job of a starburst block. I think it turned out kind of looking like the Hollywood lights? Which is kind of cool. :)

hollywood love rugs
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