Currently, due to COVID-19, public events, dowsing classes and online sales have been postponed for respect to those who have lost a loved one and for safety reasons.

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"Buddug" is a site dedicated to the needs of Dowsers and Energy Workers.

"Buddug" Know us by the Red Dragon!

"Buddug" offers mystical and exciting wares!

Let us show you how to use our unique and exotic pendulums for energy healing, clearing and prophecy.

Dowsing rods to find treasures, water, lost articles, ley lines and things hidden!

Magical and amazing artisans make our dowsing wares. We will show you how to clear the effects of electrical lines, cell tower effects, and unwanted energy, and to install lightness, healing and love in your home.

Enchanted and wonderful dowsing bobbers to harness the universal energies in your work.