The FWBO (Freinds of the Western Buddhist Order) is currently in the process of undergoing a name change to the TBC (Triratna Buddhist Community).

The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO) was founded in 1967 by an Englishman given the Buddhist name of Sangharakshita. Sangharakshita was born Dennis Lingwood in London in 1925.

Sangharakshita was ordained in India as a Buddhist Therevadan monk. He lived in India for 20 years before returning to England and forming the FWBO. During his time in India he was fortunate to study with respected Teachers from various Buddhist traditions. 

The FWBO is now an international Buddhist movement running activities in over 20 countries, including India, the birthplace of the Buddha. 

The FWBO/TBMSG is a non-sectarian Buddhist movement, drawing on all the major Buddhist traditions. Our aim is to develop and promote the practice of Buddhism in a form appropriate to the needs of the people living in this modern world.