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Bhikkhuni Training Center 

Buddha Vision is a charitable trust set up by Bhante Seevali, bhikkhu-in-charge of the Maha Bodhi Society Bodhgaya, together with the renowned Sinhalese sutra and meditation master, Bhante Kirabathgoda Gnanananda.  

The aim of Buddha Vision is to educate and train the Indian monastic Sangha in the Pali Suttas and Vinaya, as well as in meditation.  

In a remarkable example of co-operation across the Buddhist traditions, Buddha Vision, with the support of the Maha Bodhi Society and the All India Bhikkhu Sangha, has joined forces with the Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International, which is one of the Dharma organizations of the Tibetan master Tarthang Tulku. In 2006 they initiated the International Pali Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony at Bodhgaya, the place of the Buddha's Awakening. These ceremonies, which will be held on February 12 every year, bring together Theravadin Sangha from many countries. The hope is that this will act as a seed for the revitalization of the Sangha in India.

Buddha Vision is planning to set up training centres for bhikkhus and bhikkhunis in India, initially in Bodhgaya. Bhante Gnanananda has committed to spend most of 2007 in Bodhgaya, where he will train up to 200 monks in Pali and chanting ready for the next recital in 2008. Buddha Vision has also set up a committee for establishing a Bhikkhuni Training Center and are actively seeking land near Bodhgaya to make this a reality.

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