Buddha Impetus to Primitive Psyche
by Shelton Ranasinghe     B.Sc (Eng), C.Eng, P.Eng, MIMech E(London), MIE(Australia), FIE(Sri Lanka), ASME(USA)


Religions provide answers to the questions of mystic nature. How the mystic ideas came into the minds of primitive man and how the religions evolved into present forms, is elaborated in this book.

                 How our brain cells are programmed to accommodate the unique feature of “I”ness in us, is the mystery of all mysteries. Buddha teachings approach “I”ness in a very comprehensive manner; revealing the intricate interaction of micro elements of mind matter. This book analyzes the core elements of Buddha teachings in a very systematic manner. The author explains the technical mechanism of the cessation of suffering correlating our thinking process and brain functions to Buddhist concepts and practices. 

This book will be interested to readers, who wish to explore the Buddhist teachings in a logical and practical sense.   Read this book for details!

Read this Book for details!


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