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 What is it ? short-term: classic

This is the only Mod that perfectly mixes Doom 1 with Doom 3:

  •  Weapons look & sound adjusted to resemble  Doom 1. Held (almost) center-handed.
  • Monsters Look, attacks, values & sounds adjusted to match Doom 1. With glowing eye's in the dark.
  • Monster fight each other.
  • Monster do walk random (maybe it's not included).
  • Changed effects and projectiles.
  • Classic HUD. Completly re-made hires, adjusted for Doom 3.
  • Corpses stay longer .
  • Real "red" Blood.
  • Blood-Decals stay 10x longer
  • Weapon's cannot Gib (expect Plasma-Gun)
  • Most Important: All Barrel's are changed to Doom 1 Slime-Barrel's ;)  with slime, bubbles, sound & light + slime drops out when angular on the ground).
  • mini-mod so a classic doom player feels home when playing doom 3.

Things and stuff: to make the game more like Doom 1/2. More "arcadish" and less scary - for me: A much more enjoyable and different experience.

The Best is, play together with Open-Coop (to play co-op) any other Mod, or of course: Stand-alone

As the Title-Screen shows: It was mainly  created to use with Open-Coop...

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Also get the superb In Hell Maps made by 'Doomi' Or Download the Mappack for Open-Coop ! which add them to Open-Coop.

Download, Install-Instructions and more Infos about the Mod: Please click here !   *well its easy. Just as described above

If you had not Open-Coop so far, i recommend to get it here !