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Monday, September, 14, 2009

Page update:

The Homepage is now slicker and better introduced. I decided to remove more useless crap and concentrate on only whats important.

There is a new "Comment's" Blog for Classic Serious Sam II (all links are updated). This one should finally work and grant unregistered visitor to write a comment. Wow, I wish I get my first comment soon for I'm sure someone would liked to have this chance.

 Btw: One can expect a few more music like my extended orchestral instrumentation version of classic DooM music and a few more DN3D theme interpretations (like piano only, almost Ballad).

Sure is: I'll only upload anything if it's a worth full contribution. On some of these tracks I work since years/months...

Monday, March, 23, 2009

"Nightmare Realms" - The Logo:

Since playing Unreal 1, DooM etc i ever wished to create my own First Person Shooter. If this ever comes true, this is the Logo:


Monday, March, 23, 2009

Two Lightwave 3D Creations:

1. My Torch Model based on DooM sprite

 i've used some of the Hi-res textures around for DooM (dont know if these originally are from jDooM, i use them my jDooM ). Please don't slap me

2. Classic DooM Font brought to modern era

This is something like take the original DooM title font and put it in our time, but keep the old charme ! ? This is about what I imagine.

Friday, March, 20, 2009

back Online !

I wrote a small random Page to Atlantis. An old forgotten Adventure

which had some impressive Techniques, but many other Weakness


Thursday, July, 10, 2008

Classic Serious Sam II Actual Final 1.0 released !


 Monday, June, 30, 2008

 Added new section: Textures link

Added new images to Skyboxes (recreation of Serious Sam 1 Skyboxes): link

Friday, May, 30, 2008

Added Thumbnail Gallery 

for more easy-to-use

+1 Pencil Drawing i made while can^t access my PC:


(If anyone like's to color it or do anything else, he is free to use it)

related to: March, 22, 2008

Currently Gone for 3 Months ! 22.4.2008

(No access to my PC + no time, Forced to build a real Life.)

I'll be back to finish Classic Serious Sam II and other goodies.

    - BuddhaMaster


Sunday, February, 24, 2008

Added About Me Section ! Auto-Biography, more will follow

& Decision to add different (Uncategorizeable) Stuff here to the General-New's:

300 poop (trailer remix) @ YouTube

300 'He sees Hope' remix HQ (trailer) @ YouTube

Wednesday, January, 23, 2008

Small homepage design update:

A new Look that makes more sense and is a bit more welcoming

Wednesday, November, 28, 2007

- Comfortable DooM section updated. New version Added & Lots of Screenshots.

Classic Serious Sam II was shurely also updated meanwhile. I dont keep track of everything. But i'am still working on the last few features before releasing this very next version. Enemy-Types replaces completly customizable (38types with profiles), Indepent Items Multiplicator, new "general" bloom-effect that is complete customizable & 2 new Enemys.

+ Added 2 Tracks to the Web-Player. They are old, but i think they are the best (besides Barrels 'o fun): Hangar & The Pit from Doom1

Monday, October, 09, 2007

- Classic Serious Sam II Final 1.0 build 071008 added. Full Changelog and Download here

Friday, September, 21, 2007

New Section added: Video Compressing Analysis

This is something that resulted in my search for the perfect Video-Capture & Real-Time compression Codec / Settings.

The List will be continued. But i currently have a winner that satisfies me pretty much - concludes my search. :-)

Friday, August, 24, 2007

New Section & General News added.

Today i have decided to keep on track with site-changes, a new menu-entry on top was added: General-News.

Added new section: Skyboxes / Terrain render's. That will show some more stuff in future. Currently there is one Landscape-render made with a previously version of Terragen. ~ 0.92 'Low Dust'

Also i want to point out to the latest version of my mod: Classic Serious Sam II "Pre-Final c" which adds weather/new Skys and other effects to +20 original levels.