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Sunday, September, 13, 2009

Working Commenting System

There is a new Page for writing comments accessible on the left-handed menu or at the bottom of most News posts


This is the first time Commenting should work for everyone to use, no need to be registered. I gonna be happy as hell if I ever gonna have the privilege to read something on my page, that was coming externally.


Someday, September, XX, 2009

Minor changes - chronologically Changelog.

We have some good improvements, This might nothing dramatic, but every part takes its time - smaller tweaks and more necessary stuff done for the Ultimate "1.1" release.

Myself does only consider the next release as "Final"


  • New Weapon icon's for all new models + synced with switched models.

  • Walking changed for Gnaars, Kamikaze, Chainsawer & Werebull. (wondering how many times one can change this, this will not be changed again!)

  • Big Dust effect appearing faster for: Chainsawer & Werebull. And effect now not created when Chainsawer idle.

  • Running Sounds made volumetric and louder for: Kamikaze, Chainsawer & Werebull. It's now harder to guess their precise location.

  • "lift impulse" increased for hitting Enemies with: Shotgun & Double Shotgun.

  • started and finished 'Dunes CSSII version' terrain, some fights. Also started 'Alley of the Sphinxes' map and made plans for special 'Suburbs' version to join up as mini episode. Built from scratch by only using SS2 stock textures.

  • Flamethrower now using one single, looping fire sound. Thus Reducing extreme amount of sound calculating.

  • Minigun slightly darkened, minimalistic perspective change and increased walk-bobbing.

  • Plasma/Lasergun slowed firing-rate minimalistic (0.12 -> 0.125). 

  • Crosshair 'Mr. Mac' is new. Tribute to famous finger-pointer from Myst :).

  • New Jump mechanics: There is forced delay 0.4s for consecutive Jump, Player must rest on ground for 0.1s and Pre-Jump in air is ignored. This makes jumping much closer to Serious Sam 1.
       Technically this eliminates bunny-hoping/ and occasional strafe-jumping.

  • "Player Moving Style" Does now globally affect every legged creature !
       This ensures matching up Enemie speeds with Players. So if using fast "DooM" config, the Enemies will run faster too ! This makes some nasty "fair" gameplay.


Sunday, July, 5, 2009

 Download Link's are working again.


Sunday, July, 5, 2009

"Paranormal lazyness":

I can't finish maps right now. The next release will not be released until some are finished.

I really hope a few people visit my page... here is some news:

  • Yes, Double Fire Bug is really fixed ! It had to be recoded and it toke time, but it's gone !

Latest entries of my personal Log:

  • New Boot Into: A tribute to Duke Nukem 3D - computed in real-time.
  • Customizable Serious Bullet Time (c) Button ! Customizable speed and now time-affected sound effects !
  • New Shellbox model. Switchable Option. It's the final dark stylized box with 20 "Headcracker" Shell's
  • Most used "Impact effects per Material" cleaned so Blood-Effects are not mixed with my new "per-damage" code.
  • BloodEffects rendering finalized.
  • Reduced 'Burning' damage against Lava Golem (1/3).
  • Burning Effect for Burning damaged enemies (not yet attached).
  • Flamethrower improved (F* yet again). Currently burning after- flames are completely gone. These are missed ! but the performance-gain makes it feel much better now
  • Lava Golem "childs" no longer visible until thrown. Effects however still visible...
  • Turrets, Vehicles & All new Enemies are added to replace selection. (Just to keep the log ordered)
  • New Option to choose "Cannon's only" (All turrets are Cannon's).
  • SciFi-Parachuter: Should be my first air unit, now its working: A black outfitted scifi-soldier equipped with a Mg drop's down the sky with a parachute, s hoots at you and deploy's on land or is taken down.
  • Created 6 barrel LaserGun and made technically complete working (mini-log). More barrel's means more fun, thats so true !
  • New Weapon icon's for all new models + synced with switched models.


Another rash spoiler !

Friday, March, 1, 2009

Say "Hello" to Bullet-Time: + Double Fire Bug = History !?

There is one new really cool Feature. Its Serious Bullet-Time (c) !

Yesterday i started to do this. I was wondering if it's that easy to include. And right it's completed !

And i feel really proud and it makes me laugh like mad. Why ? Oh well imagine combining Serious Sam with serious slow motion !

The Usage can be restricted. Slow Motion Factor and the Key can be configured. Sound Speed are affected by Time factor ! And i made my own "Enter" and "Exit" Sounds

Some things need to finish before for Final 1.1 release:

  • completing proper dimension Models and Text for MIRANDA (Netricsa Clone).
  • Adding all the new Enemies left for Spawning replace customization. These are about 20 Enemies & Vehicles. And this job is horrible ! Must be about 2000 Lines of Code to Copy and Paste. But i have done the other 8000 :D
  • Let Intro/Menu Music play independently from realtime intro Sequence.
  • Finish (new) Last Arena Final Battle for Crazy Canyon.
  • Finish fights for "DooM map".
  • Finish fights for Matrix Lobby.
  • Finish fights for Hot Gates.

Wednesday, April, 15, 2009

3 more Screenie's: 

Orx-Commander reskin. Very close to original ''Zorg-Commander" in SS1.

This is one of the new Vehicle. This shot got a interesting lighting i thought -

btw. I've made a new option to change lighting. But very experimental and broken. Instead of global diffuse lighting, this changes colors relative too. So you can get purple lighting etc. I cannot explain what it does. Because i dont know. However it can give some interesting results.

Here goes.. a description for Samanta Turbo:

A casual Double-Seater with unlimited fuel due Fusion-Core. Comes with mounted Minigun on the hood, which also has unlimited Ammo due similar reason. This is the "Serious Sports"-Edition. This Vehicle boosts a good acceleration and (thus resulting) acceptable impact force (too).

"Serious Sports"-Edition comes with:  

  • Original Gnaar Leather-Seats,
  • Golden Rims
  • Sexy Cooling-Box



Saturday, March, 28, 2009

Got a Hand ? well too late !



soon i will combine my Double Barrel Shotgun with these > new Hands, full reloading animation ! And then i will go postal -- no, shooting will be twice as fun ! 

 Thanks again Cr0Mac for his very good (but once) untextured hand-model !

Now here we have a first test-animation. Unfortunately the uncompressed video is 281Mb and crushes DIVx conversion. Otherwise i would have shown it.


Tuesday, March, 24, 2009

personal unfinished Change-Log:

(Pictures are one News below)

C S S I I   Latest Changes (Log)

 - Corrected Shotgun Fire Spread, switching between <Increased Spread Range> and applied to both Shotguns
 - Fixed Bouncers, they are working again !!!!!
 - Cleaned 'Enhanced Jump' option for Player and changed both Jump-Heights. Now it should be matched with SS1
 - Aircraft enemies now replaced and Customizable Replaces
 - about 9 new enemies to Select from (with updated DooM creatures)
 - There is one new bug. Its the random "Happy Life Bug"
   HUD showing about 237480 life's when dieing.  Unfortunately The Program gets stuck to Calculate these...
   thats not good
 - Reptiloid Based Creatures are smoother.
 - 8 Goldeneye recreation enemies
 - 9 Doom recreation enemies
 - 2 Quake recreation enemies
 - 1 new enemy preset (Doom & New stuff. Easily the best Preset)
 - New Single Shotgun Model. Obviously from the Zombie Agents, model ready to Activate and Use. There is still not my real own.
 - Maps: Later
 - Orx Commander re-skin, Orx Soldier skin improved.
 - Blood-Effects rendering reworked.
 - enemy gibbing Sounds Reworked. These are plain file-replaces -
   Thus may gives some "sonic-complications" for entities that use old files proper (Marshhopper, Marauder)
 - Terminator enemy.
 - Some Ammo Pickups Model like Bullets are slightly smaller
 - Including of MIRANDA (FULL STOCK EDITION*) A simple yet working approach for Netricsa Clone
 - Random Quit Messages. 100 pieces ... A tribute to DooM, i think these MSG's are cool
 - 'Classic' Font (Yellow) updated. Now Thicker, the result was sorta random. I liked it (just needs some more red again)
 - New Moving Style: 'DooM'. I tried to get the most exact player movement as Doom has and its  Fun.
   Now with the improved Shotguns it feels very Doomish and completes the 9 DooM Enemies well ;)
 - Effect Overlay in Menus + MIRANDA
- On the 17. of 03. 2009 - time of this writing:
   I have written 22'549 Additional Lines of Code to SS2.
   Also i have written 5755 "commented out" lines
   The original complete number of lines of code have been raised from 106'733 to 129'282
   I knew it was complete crazy, and it still is. But the greatest part of these Lines are the crazy copy/paste Action, still have to do for every new Enemies Replace Option.

 anyway... its crazy ! oh yes it is.... can you believe it ? i dont

 - AND i try to improve my writing, and there should be NO typo in this text anymore ! - shall be no more !



Tuesday, March, 24, 2009

New Screenshots:

Just random NEW undescribed stuff. You can download all these 65 Screenshots. Most are taken from different playing seasons and are most interesting when viewed together. Half of these are simple test-maps

More stuff will follow sorted soon

Here you can get the whole 65 screenshots Pack

**Added** Model Screenie from Flamethrower.

these are Gnaars trying to imitate Pinky Demon's




new Main-Menus Sam, with fixed chin !




I would like to have a orange Flamethrower with yellow "trims"/details, or a similar visual style as here.

Friday, March, 20, 2009

I'm back Online !

I dont want to bother anyone with the background story either.

So if you just moved here, you're one lucky Bastard - to see my new Shell Box Model.

This has nothing to do with the many stuff i gonna present the next Day's. This is just a little by-product i just made now. It toke me at least 2 Hours.... Thats my first completly self-made Item.

Big Credits go to the Shell Model. Which took about 75% of the Time to reduce the detail from the complete Model to one simple Cylinder.... At least i learned alot.

One Shell is now weighting 12 Polys, instead of 416 Polys ! With the hi-poly detail baked on Top of it. Well that was pretty obligate, otherwise the Polycount would have killed the Game

Final complete Model: 340 Poly's

"Yum-Yum !"

As a little Gimmick: This is a green version of the Shell-Casing Sprite (Animation) I made which i used for the Shotguns.

vintage style

Friday, January, 23, 2009

"Where is Buddha ? Where are the Updates ?!"

A new Year, looks like I have disappeared again.

The truth is, i had no internet access once again (in a while), but ordered a new Modem - I'll be back in a short.

But i wasn't lazy (at least NOT in terms of finishing stuff that is already there), there are 19 new unique Enemies (recreation from other classic FPS's)., and they all kick ass.

This time i wont tell anything in pre.

Expect a big Article with plenty of Screenshots and detailed Info, in aproximately 1 week. I wrote Background info to each one Enemy of one type

See you soon (fan, if there is any) !

Friday, November, 28, 2008

Back from another 8 Day's Mental Asylum

I was before Higher Judgment to Protest against my Forced institutionalization. My Doctor was a real Incompetent Asshole and there was a lot misunderstanding. Now he wont be Happy to see i'am released again, already. I'd like to see his Facial Expression :)

But Anyway. In the matter of my Mod - The base Frame is as good as finished. Now i will concentrate on the Maps i promised.

The 4 Arcade Maps (Matrix, 300, Starship Troopers, one more) and the big progression Map 'Crazy Canyon' will be finished in the next few Weeks, promised.

Its gonna be an simple .gro File Addon.

May Classic FPS Gaming (with Heart) be 4 Ever (And nothing stop me)

- BuddhaMaster

Thursday, November, 20, 2008

Hot Gates, Terrain & Intro Finished

Time for a Screenshot ? i think so. Serious Sam is "300" Map and Intro Sequence finished.

The Climaxing Point - A Pretty Accurate Recreation

"Topographically Correct"

Made by using a Photo from real "Hot Gates" in Thermopylae .

480 B.C.: "This is where i Fight, This is where they Die !"


Friday, November, 14, 2008

Secret Screenshot...


Sunday, November, 2, 2008


Heres the the long promoted (self)Interview.


(Names Fictional, Any resemblances to existing Names are pure coincidence)

Q: Hello i'am George Broussard, lets begin with the Interview
A: Welcome toBuddha Realms *placeholder Logo Design

Q: You Guy's started working 2 Years ago. Stuff seem's to go really nicely
A: I'am doing a good Job

Q: How is stuff going, what is your opinion against Company's like "3D Cruels"
A: Well, We are really excited over here because of this and this. Working progress is going really fluid.
We are doing more stuff here in 2 Years than other Company's like "3D Cruels" do in 11 Years.

Q: Could you describe something about the Team's Communication, ideas exchange. Role-Distribution;
What is the most important Aspect in your Team ?
A: BuddhaMaster

Q: How are you Guys doing like this and this ?
A: Well, i try to do like this and this.

Q: What is the most important aspect (Game-Related) to your Team when creating a Game ?
A: Gameplay !
The Only Way to figure out if something works out, is playing, playing and playing again.

Q: Is there a Concept behind your Work, what is the Concept ?
A: That is one good Question, and it deserves a Fair Answer. I dont work with a Concept. As i Repeat: The only Way to Figure if something works out, is Playing and Playing again.

I very much respect the Concept of "3D Realms", this is exactly the Way how Duke Nukem 3D was created. One of the Best Games ever.

Q: You have received many Recommendations "Working for CROTEAM " (The Company which is originally responsible for Serious Sam). What is your opinion against that ?
A: I dont need to work for them, Croteam works for me. (Addition: Sometimes I help John Carmack out, to invent another New Engine once in a while)

Q: Morale-Question: How is Motivation to keep working on something, how is Freedom in working progress, what are your advantages ?
A: When your Product isn't a "Product", there are no interests in selling, I Can Enjoy Maximum Freedom, There is no Pressure for a Release Date and I can Work as long on My Mod as i want. This is what i do.

I have Announced a <Final> Version of my Mod about 1 Year Ago, but it took me longer. I just take this Time and could improve it in many Ways - The "Final" Version profited many times. Now i keep continuing improve it, adding Extra-Features, Maps. This is the Freedom and my Motivation.

Q: How is your Current Studio ? Surely there is alot
inspiring, creative Stuff arround; High-End Machinery to create all that Magic.
Whats the Gear in your Studio. Could you show us a Photo or
Description ?

A: Here is a Photo. *updated, this is my new Home !"

Ha, you wish that DooM logo would be real ? It's just photoshopped.. :(

We own a Second-Generation Pentium 4 (2.6GHz) and a Geforce 7600 GT.

This is everything needed to create Kick Ass.

Q: Thanks for the Answers and i hope your Team keeps up like this!
A: Thanks, i had alot of Fun, ill do my best.

A: Here is a Little Extra.

Dont tell anyone you saw:

!! Warning: Spoiler !!


Friday, October, 31, 2008

Site Updates:

I Have updated most of the Stuff on this Page. Like <Why ?>, <About>, The Final 1 Teaser on <Media> Section is working again. Cleaner Links on the Left Handed site.

Sunday, October, 12, 2008


Took me hell of a Time to get various Effects like this Screen now shows. Exactly i started Yesterday and it took many hours ( i don't count them).

Not much is done - but the most important things to make this Arcade Map feel like it has to. Now i need a break and i could not help myself (As to show this screenshot). :)

be prepared as i add a Self-Interview this Days...


Friday, October, 10, 2008



Of Course, If there's a Tesla-Commander, The Tesla-Coil can't be missed. Finally a interesting Turret-

I was just spending some time to get all the Effect's and Sound's finished *shessh* - The Mechanical Part itself wasn't that Hard.

Charge >>>>>> Unload - a true original

This Year Christmas is Early

Nikola Tesla couldn't do it any better !


Monday, October, 06, 2008

Tesla-Commander & Better Screen's:

Tesla-Commander(WiP)is another new Enemie. Inspired by playing Command & Conquer: Red Alert recently (which is available for free now, btw From EA officially to celebrate C&C's 13th anniversary)

Yeah thats right: COMMAND & CONQUER -RED ALERT !;)

Tesla-Commander comes with various Taunting speaks before he starts Zapping (favorite "It's A Rip-Off !"). I payed alot Attention to get a authentic being/looking Tesla-Charge (maybe it's not good to see here) Being a real Pain in the Ass in range:

Sentry-Gunneris the small version of the Sentry-Bot: Faster with 2 mounted Laser's, therefore keeping itself out of range (I guess Duke is yet still in Holiday or busy fighting Developer-Holocaust's, so Sam is the Man to Fight them off now):

Btw: This is gonna be a new Arcade Map, as i have added lots of Fight's already. some really crazy Fun (Makes me laugh)


Monday, September, 29, 2008

New Enemie Wip & random stuff:

This is another Enemy (WiP), the Sentry Bot from Duke Nukem 3D, to replace the annoying Kung-fu Master (and other "Flying Vehicles").

It's a levitating stupid Hull that behaves randomy and goes into you BOOM, with nasty sounds and likeable annoy factor.

Completed done Working ! - >

I'am also gonna bring in the Lost Soul (from DooM) as additional Flying Enemy. Plus the low-quality (but funny) Doom recreation Enemies i made some long time ago. Maybe i'am gonna recreate Duke Nukem 3D and DooM before the Guy's over at 3D Realms finally "are done" *Joke allowed off*.

Random Screenshots Crazy Canyon progress.

< One Big Fight

< Better Double Shotgun Screenshot

< The Animal-Slug, not firing.

To Finally State it: This is Inspired by Metal Slug. It's a rideable Camel (pretty green Camel isn't ?).

With two 3d-rotatable Turrets that aim each limited to your aimed direction. Firing blue (Minor Mech) Laser-streams. The Animal Controls are changed to control aiming and moving independently.

Metal Slug converted to 3d - Pretty Cool and Fun.

Reworked Sanguinary Blood-Effects, now "Really Gory"

(Inspired by a Max Payne Mod called Elements of Style, i played recently)






Monday, August, 25, 2008

Small Update:

This small update adds
- Randomized Fire/Recoil-rate for Colt Weapon.
- New Option to select <Classic Styled Kamikaze>, with raised Arms.
- New Option to use <Classic Double Shotgun Model> !
This Model has no Arms yet or Reloading Animation. It's just the Gun. But changes First Person and Pickup Model.
- New Option to select <Increased Spread Range> for Double Shotgun.
- Added a neat Shell-Casing Sprite for both Shotguns.
- Changed Gib Physics.
- New Skin for Orx_Commander.

Get the File and extract it to your Serious Sam 2 Folder.

i.e: C:\Program Files\Serious Sam 2


Monday, August, 4, 2008

Actual Final 1.0 re-release:

3 important fixes

  • Group Spawners were ignored, resulting in fast spawns. Fixed.
  • Evil Scorpion missing Model/File.
  • Tommy Gun Pickup Model / Ammo Amounts.
  • Bio-Mech Minor fixed. (Case-sensitive Letter in .ep file)

updated Version added to Download


Thursday, July, 17, 2008

Sneak Preview:

Big (Arcade) Map in the Work - Crazy Canyon.

Black Sabbath


Thursday, July, 10, 2008

Actual Final 1.0 uploaded !!:

A big final version hits the store. With more features and less bugs.

Download link

Screenshot link

Actual Final 1.0 video

This thing weights 89Mb and contains 1647 mod"ified" files


Saturday, April, 12, 2008

Forced Delay:

For bad Sake, currently i have no access to my PC. While Classic Serious Sam II is forced to stay at the 99% done mark (which sucks as hell), i'am trying to build a real Life.

Anyway I'am trying to release the really finally "Final 1.0" Version as Soon as Possible.

- This will be the finally "really real" Final 1.0 Version, which will go to all Serious Sam Fan, and bigger Mod Pages. I worked on this Mod for the last 2 Years (which makes the forced delay even harder to accept).

One of the many latest change is:

Blood-Effects are now handled trough "Damage", instead of "Particle-effects as Material-type defined in every different Surface per Model". This does not only guarantees to happen in all possible situation's (Fall-Damage & Rocket/Explosive Damage) but also increases amount at higher Damage (Effective for Serious-Damage). And there are many different Blood-Types I created. (Just as in Serious Sam 1) + Some new. These are:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Flower's
  • Notes
  • Yellow Question-Marks
  • Serious-Icon's
  • Health-Icons / Hearts
  • Extra-Bloody

Monday, March, 10, 2008

Random Mini-Update #2:

Classic Tommy Gun(s). Choose to play with Uzi's or Tommygun (Akimbo Style or single right handed) - Just one of the many many new cool Option's: Final version almost done (99%)

Coming to a free download-server near you , very soon. Before Duke Nukem is done with his crap going Forever.

Sunday, March, 2, 2008

Random Mini-Update:

Where does our Hero come from, out from thin air ?? I dont think so. At least there must be a Elevator or a Portal.

This Portal for every Chapter Startpoint. As we can see it's based on Serious Sam 1 Model (Original Portal/Time-Machine that brought Serious Sam to Egypt). I made the Base and complete Layout/Design

This is already working ingame + Sound. Right now i'am on finetuning. I hope to get some Particle-effects too. My Goal would be an Flash effect/Sound everytime a new Player Join's.

Early Games had Elevator's as Startpoint - Where the meaning Level comes from - Later Games had Portal's and SS2 ? nothing ! Another proof how modern Shooters don't even try to argue with "realism" !

Thursday, February, 14, 2008

(Pre) "Final" Final 1.0 added.

This is a pre-"Final" Final release, which will go as complete mod to sites like and hopefully more mod-pages. It represents the Mod in its final version with all the features i ever wished to add. -> Download-Section

This is a pre-version! But the most important, everything works:

  • Complete Customizing of Enemy-Replacing, with 2 Presets
  • All 45 Enemys can be replaced by up to 48 selections
  • 1 New "Arcade-Map" (Bad now) with lots of Dino's->
  • Crosshair-Selection
  • New Menu & HUD font
  • Fully Configureable Bloom ("Overbloom")
  • Lots of new usefull Options to the Game
  • Lots of small fixes (and maybe new bugs, lol)

Many Usefull Options:

Enemy Replacing:


Monday, December, 3, 2007

Download link working again re-uploaded latest "public" installer.

This will hopefully be the latest news-entry before the real final release of Classic Serious Sam II.

This is why i will now give away some pre-information about it:

- All spawning works trough code. (complete new spawning-code)

- All Enemie-replaces are completly customizable: New option-screen with 38selections which each can set to one type from 30 Enemies. Or select a Preset

-2 new Enemies: Kleerian (Fiendan re-creation based on kleerofski), Evil-Scorpion (is silver chrome type which fires blue lasers in uncacurate streams.)

-New "general" Bloom effect for each Level. Bloom is completly customizable with some presets

-Enemie-size can be changed to 80-120%

-Indepent Items-multiplicator

-More enemies to follow in future, or anyone can submit me one. So we finally get a HUGE amount of enemies to select from :)

Sunday, August, 19, 2007

Release 1.0 FINAL 071008

Re-release of previous version mainly adresses bad bugs:

- Profile Damaging fixed. Own Profile folder

- Level crashes fixed. Levels that use Weather Particle effects

- Arcade Map 01 fixed. Playable at all & re-balanced

Minor changes _____________________________________

- Falldamage switch in options
- Muzzleflashes new for Shotguns & Miniguns. Bigger & Better
- helicopter
- gnaar/assaultMech spawn additional enemys were replaced had them on seats previously
- flying gnaar ragdoll
- minigun/dbshotgun view
- ammo bombs/napalm given
- giant lavagolem corpse effect
- road to ursul spawns
- cannonball-turret player reduced health 255, firining, ball behavior, devastating fireeffect
- canonball auto-turret attack, always aimed to player, smaller balls, size, impact-effect: wood/mech-trunks, devastating fireeffect, destructed parts staytime
- bullet holes all materials only on static model, new holetextures
- copter increased spawn time for previously tight grouped spawns
- spawn effects currently classic (unpredictable)
- scorpion redesigned mingun, parts staytime
- muzzleflashes effects
- DS reload animation smoothened
- Some skys slower/ modified
- few enemies have behavior files for specific enemie types (i.e. Harpy carying Bomber) these are only used for auto replace reason, a mapper can always use the default one
- chainsawer stops after sucessfull attack: Not best animation, but clear identified


Sunday, August, 19, 2007

Added "Pre-Final c" version. Contains some fixes to additional stuff that popped up in last versions. Mainly it cares about the new Weather-effects. see August 7. They do now work "excellent", besides a few that still need to reload a level at least once. Kamikaze got a new explosion-effect, some minor gore-effects have been improved. A AI state for the Gnaar has been fixed. Added Rocket-Jump, Fall-Damage & Amount of smart-bombs given at start/chapter reduced to 25%.

Experimental added some new Flame's. One of them is to see at all the torches in the Tree-Village. I hope they look better / more "serious". Never liked the flames and knew they have to be changed.


Tuesday, August, 11, 2007

Ooops !

Custom Enemie Replaces still not worked. A '!' in the text of the code avoided it. Now its removed, installer repacked and currently uploading the fixed file.

Also 2 minor bugs have been fixed: New Sky in Bone-Yard was too high, a infinite Kleer Spawn in Arcade Map 1.


Tuesday, August, 7, 2007

Weather-Effects & Still working (being close to final-state-of-gameplay-feel)

However, good news is: This update contains alot of these changes already (having a Reptiloid on the house shooting balls at you in distance, in Alliance Headquarters, etc) a ton of "particle-effects" changes for about 20 maps: Snow to snow-maps ! Rain to Road to Ursul & Commando Control with Lightings, falling Leaves, Fog-Clouds and proper ambient-sounds ! There is ashe-rain for Bone-Yard and a grey "ashy" sky (as seen in its intro-movie), finally a "true" moving and colorfull blue sky for siriuspolis-maps (the level later-on has asteroids in it), a big insect-plague for M'keke village ;) All these changes apply to the original maps and are "hacked" trough code. Without altering them or adding new Maps

I dont want to tell all of them. Some Levels gained a serious change in mood. Find them yourself

The obligate tweaks and fixes are everywhere. Well, really important is: Enemie-Multiplicator and Spawn-Time-Reducing do now work perfectly. Also the Weapon-speed can be switched anytime

Using "Original-Speed" affects Rocket-Launcher. Default: 0.6s Original: 07s. More 'classic' Trail and Rocket is tossed out in center of the screen.


Friday, July, 13, 2007

As announced, some time strides into lands before completly finish the final version. Thats good, thats very good - because the Gameplay/Experience is gonna be thankfull for it. This are some recent changes:

-Weather-effects for levels that either missed them, or just felt like they missing them (snow, rain, new skys and ..tadaa.. metroids falling off the sky for the last level: Mental Institution).

-Custom Enemy-Replaces for some Levels to have a greater and more challenging variety, just feels better.

-Small Burning Flames for Flamethrower that stick to walls or wherever the flame goes....

-Possibility to choose between two different Weapon-Speeds: Good Setting that should feel comfortable, or true "Original" SS1 Speed. Affects only Shotguns yet

etc... I Expect to release initial "Final 1.0" in the very next days. Still not completly finished, but fully packed with all the good stuff that makes it feel "Complete".

If anyone ever reads this anyway (i dont know..) But my plans also contain to release a additional Music-Pack later & a small Map-Pack, that contains all of the four Arcade Arenas. Like everything i say, this is gonna happen ! "When it's done ! - yes, in a Galaxy not too far away".

Monday, June, 18, 2007

Detailed Change-Log for Classic Serious Sam II "Final 1.0"


-New Enemie: Flying Gnaar

-New Map: CSSII Arcade Map 1

-Enemies Multiplicator, changeable in Game-Options

-Spawn Time Reducer, changeable in Game-Options

-All New Explosion Effects for Rocket, Grenades, Cannonballs and some of the Enemies Projectiles

-All New Pickup sounds for Powerups and Armor. Powerups have no speaking anymore and Armor pickup sounds are smoother and clean :) They were always part of what i dont liked about SS2, the armor pickup sounds was bad and low-fi quality and they hurt in your hears (when using headphones) ! I Made them myself based on original-sounds and hope they're liked

-Also there is a new Sound for the Train in the Demo-Map ;)

-Bounce Sound for Projectiles

-Enemies sizes are all reworked again... now they originally match SS1 because i used a Screenshot of them all as Template. Kleer wasnt THAT big as i made him oops hes original !

-A New Loading-Screen for all Levels


-Flamethrower: Better Performance, Better Handling (Flame/Damage-zone is centered with crosshair), Better effect

-Bullet Accuracy of Instant-Hit Weapons are very precise now & All Enemies Collision-Boxes are re-matched to their size = They are still hard to hit but collide realistic (not walking inside together)

-Weapon Recoil Rates re-matched: Auto-Shotgun 1.15s (slower), Double-Shotgun 1.75s (slower), Grenade Launcher minimum Recoil Rate 0.5s (faster), minimum toss-out speed increased, exploding faster: 3.5s

-Uzi: Fires at double rate (0.1s) but 1 bullet takes the half Damage, new Fire-Sound, Weapon HUD changed, slightly higher spread !

-Minigun: New shader ...way better Serious Sam 1 styled Metallic effect... New Bullets-eject for empty Bullets

-Cannonball: Animation moment after a full charge is smoother

-Colt: Additional new Shooting Animation that was a unused left-out from the original Game

-Changed Kickback from Weapons: More "upward" kickback when hit by Bullet-Weapon (Colt, Shotgun etc), Less kickback when hit by Explosions (Enemies seem "heavyer")

Additional Sparks for Bullet Impacts on all common Materials (similar to SS1)

Enemies / Various

-Player Jumps higher

-Players Jump and "Land" sounds are slightly duller and deeper

-FOV scale reduced from 90 to 85

-Scythian Harpy Witch: Simple but cool new projectile effect

-Zumbull Rocket rotates while flying, slightly slower

-Bio-Mech Major shoots a Rocket after Dies

-Scorpions: New Animation/Position when they are dieing

-Blood-effects slightly reworked, especially for Marsh-hopper

-Impact Effects for NON-Bullet Projectiles

-Enemies do only play a "sight" event at a 75% chance, otherwise attack imediatly and "sight" event is never happening at very large distances anyway (custom for each enemy)

-Lava-Golem Projectile has bigger Explosion-Radius, Lava-Golem "throws out" a burning Lava-Ball after dies; rolling in players direction trying to give him additional Damage ;)

-Idle-Sounds for Enemies are now NEVER played while attacking, - only if having no actual FOE in sight

-"RAY distance from Player" is reduced to 600 from 1000 ..i dont know what exactly it does but whatever it is (probably it scans for enemies and other stuff to give the crosshair the matching color), more than 600 would never be used (maximum distance weapons can take damage) This results in a noticeable better performance !

-Rocket Trail effect reworked - Trail/Flare are now working indepent and this avoids the Weird effect seen at big distance

-Bio-Mech Minor blue laser has bigger collision that takes the full lenght of the projectile

-Serious Damage new effect; Strongly Glows after picking up but fades out slowly

-Some changed sounds for Orx-Soldiers and SciFi troopers

-More Various small tweaks everywhere

If i remember everything i will update this list... Or it is just not worth to mention, otherwise this list would be EXTREME LONG ! anyway i would NEVER say its not worth, because the resulting Gameplay just Rocks but it has to be played because THIS IS SERIOUS SAM and not some persian noob shooter ...HAHAHAHA isnt that funny :D ok sorry if you are actually persian. "300" movie watchers will know what i mean


Monday, June, 18, 2007

Added a New "Arcade" Gameplay video to Media-Section. Shows the mod in its Final 1.0 state and can be taken as Teaser. The Release is dated about 25 June

Sunday, May, 27, 2007

Working on the final 1.0 release. It will be some time before releasing it. Enemys-multiplicator are working, but unfinished. The first of 4 small "Arcade" Maps is nearly finished -Topic: "Kill as Many as you can !"

Starting in a small Arena, Weapons/Pickups spawning random, you have to last for about 3 Rounds that increase in hardness and intensity of Enemy-Attacks. A Map will contain about 1'000 Enemies. Thats roughly 20minutes of intense survival action. That guarantees high re-playability and some quick action. Here are two Screenshots:

'CSSII Arcade Map 1' & new Enemy: Flying Gnaar