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 A little about me (updated 27. April. 09):

 yes thats me.

  • From and living in Switzerland        +
  • Born 30. July 1984 
  • Was in a Mental Insitution 3 times, but ran away twice. The third and last time i was before higher judgement and proved them about no need to be there ! Which I'm proud of.
  • Love cooking, unless other men ;)
  • Never had a Girlfriend, which is a sad thing for them.
  • My only attention are (Video)Games (and especially Shooter)
  • My Great Dream is to create my complete own First-Person-Shooter once.
  • I'am trapped somewhere between Hell (World of DooM) and Planet Sirius (Serious Sam) (Deep inside the world of Shooters)
  • Totally crazy


 This is the (half) Story about how i began to develop my interests in FPS's, and modding:

please forgive any horrible English. Some faults might still be present. Or go cry

Everything began about 1993-1994. The first game i ever played was Tetris on the Gameboy ! This was the begin of the End - Or the End of the Begin ! Then i played DooM for the first time (1994-95) and i got trapped inside Hell. Later i played Wolfenstein 3D and i was in love with it's Level-Editor ! Since then I know i have visited Hell and i was DoomeD. A Bit Later I saw Duke Nukem 3d at the Party of one's greater brother of one fat guy - well the whole family was fat. I dont remember their names, but i was sold. Holy Shit, this looked better than Reality ! I felt like touching Heaven.

- I asked him for a copy on 7 or 12 Disk's (Not shure exactly) The Duke Nukem 3D Shareware. Not sure if he gave me this copy, because a disk was something expandible back then ! But at least in the next following 2 Years i got my own shareware copy.

Since then i knew i want to do nothing else than Saving Chicks from Alien-invasion's and killing Hell-Beast's. (better than visiting school and learning stupid non-sense)

Later then the journey continued with the release of Unreal - "will Alter your Reality Forever" oh yes, it did! But the best thing about it, and the true reason to buy it, was It has a freaking Level-Editor ! - Imagine to build your own World's, everything you ever wanted ! Let all your Imagination come true.


unfinished conclusion:

Since then i ever tried to create "my own World's", "my complete own shooter" but never released one single completed map. Learned Hell-a-Lot by trial-and-error. Somewhere around 1997-1999 I released a "Multiplayer-only" Beta of Nightmare Realms. The only thing ever released by me, since I got away from Unreal-Engine and began working on Classic Serious Sam II for Serious Sam 2 & Comfortable DooM for Doom 3 - Since gotten away from that "I MUST FINISH THIS" feeling and pressure.

Nightmare Realm's was my Big Vision that should turn out into a Huge Shooter - the Perfect Shooter which combines everything good from Doom, Duke Nukem 3d, Quake and all other classic Shooter's. But i never had clear Plans in my Mind. Everything should just come by itself

My two new Mod's mainly happened by accident, but showed myself that i learned very much and it is much better to do anything that just flows by itself, instead of trying - and get mad at something you can never finish because you got totally no Plan's.


But It is never "too late" ! Some day Nightmare Realm's might return and show it's possible to create totally different Shooter's from today's and prove how different Shooters changed and how they turned bad.

Here are 4 Nightmare Realm's Screenshot's. This is very old and nothing had better Graphics/Effects at this times ! (at least for my taste)

This was Nightmare Realm's - was one thing - Carnage - Pure Hardcore and Brutal Hands-on Carnage. With Features and Effect's that aim the highest possible Carnage Experience. With Features that still are hard to find on todays Shooters ! Like: Painskins, Sound for blood/debris splashing on the ground and everything sounds pitched down in Slow-Motion. Ton's of staying debris, try at very realistic Water shooting effects & a Four-Barreled-Shotgun ! I know: As soon as any Public Game-Developer's gonna read this, he will gonna include this Gun himself. Please be damned.  Such Features you still can't find today and keep it a unique experience.

I have to admit that there i have used some stolen things ! The Hand Textures are from another mod that was called Serpentine 7, a very cool Mod for Unreal Tournament. 

These Hand Textures are extremly good ! Really i could never do such a Masterpiece !

I'm very sorry to have done that. But i had to get some Material i could not do myself ! Together with my Features i had much Fun.

The next thing is some Weapons which are built and mashed together from Quake 3 (Team) Arena. Because of the lovely Textures and again I'm very sorry for that !

The Single Shotgun is made from parts of the Nail-Gun... Ok at least i have changed it so much, nobody would ever recognize it :D ......please ID software, if you do. Dont kill me. I will remove EVERYTHING unwanted instantly !