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The Birthplace of the Buddha soon as the Bodhisatta was born, He took seven steps to the North and declared His position in the world with these words...>>>

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Bodhi Gaya 

The Buddha attained Enlightenment here

...with mind tranquilized and purified, in the first watch of night, He developed the Knowledge of Past Lives...>>>

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The Buddha preached His 1st Sermon here

... Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (text, audio[1]) , the Discourse on Turning the Wheel of Dhamma, which led to Kondanna attaining the first stage of sainthood...>>>


The place the Buddha attained Parinibbana

...the relics were divided into eight equal portions by the brahmin Dona, ...>>>

Savatthi the Buddha performed the Twin Miracle (Yamaka Pathihariya) creating multiple representations of Himself, seated and standing on lotuses, causing fire and water to emanate from his body...>>>


.. taming of drunken elephant Nālāgiri & many other notable incidents happened here...>>>


...the Buddha instructed Ven. Ananda to go round Vesali reciting the Ratana sutta (text, audio) and sprinkling water from the Buddha's bowl. Immediately all the evil spirits fled from the city and the people recovered from their diseases....>>>

Sankasia of descent from Tavatimsa Heaven after preaching Abhidhamma Pitaka there ...>>>

  1. Buddhist Pilgrimage by Chan Khoon San

  2. Wikipedia : Buddhist Pilgrimage

Note: [1] Recited by 2 year old Dhammaruwan in 6th century style Pali. Read interesting background story about it here.

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