Title bar:
[million_paths_plotted_per_second million_paths_plotted rendering_time_in_seconds current_fps]
[color_table_type][coloring_method color_table_offset]
[current_memory_usage_in_gb max_memory_usage_in_gb]
[buddha_type bailout path_start path_before_end path_offset]
[render_real_center render_imag_center zoom_factor]
[display_real_center display_imag_center zoom_factor]
[autosave_png png_bits]

target_fps: rendering is fastest when this is low
cycle_speed: change this to get some color cycling animation
max_memory_usage_in_gb: is used to determine if it is still possible to enlarge the render size
bailout: max iterations to check if a path goes to infinity
path_start: skip the first path_start points of a path when plotting
path_before_end: skip the last path_before_end points of a path when plotting
path_offset: used in type2, real: imag_i+path_offset, imag: imag_i
coloring_method: 0: rank-order mapping, 1: histogram mapping
render_*_center: center of complex plane that is rendered
display_*_center: center of complex plane that is displayed
zoom_factor_change: factor used when zooming

esc: close application
P: pause calculations, do this to get smooth color cycling
i,o: decrease or increase number of calculation threads

F9: save the parameters to BuddhaBrotMT-parameters.txt
F10: save the parameters to BuddhaBrotMT-parameters.txt and save the calculation status  to disk
F11: load the parameters in BuddhaBrotMT-parameters.txt and start the render
F12: load the parameters in BuddhaBrotMT-parameters.txt and resume from the calculation status saved on disk

=: change buddha_type
(shift) q,w: change bailout
(shift) a,s: change path_start
(shift) z,x: change path_before_end
(shift) e,r: change path_offset

backspace: switch between single layer and RGB mode

(shift) [,]: change target_fps
(shift) ;,': change cycle_speed
(shift) l: set cycle_speed to 0 for selected_layer, all layers
(shift) .,/: change color_table_offset
(shift) ,: set color_table_offset to 0 for selected_layer, all layers

(ctrl) pageup,pagedown: changing render size
(ctrl) left,right,up,down: panning render
(ctrl) shift pageup,pagedown: zooming of part of complex plane that is displayed and rendered
(ctrl) shift left,right,up,down: panning of part of complex plane that is displayed and rendered

(shift) home,end: change max_memory_usage_in_gb
(shift) insert,delete: change zoom_factor

1-4: load buddha parameter presets
shift 1-6: load location presets
ctrl 1-3: load complete render presets (depends on buddha_type)
(shift) F1-7: load color table presets

j,k: change number of cycles in the color table

tab: change coloring_method

~: change the selected layer, the parameters will be changed for this layer

\: make png of rendered location
shift \: make a png every 15 minutes
b: switch between 8-bit and 16-bit png output