Travel in Europe: Choose the best Budapest Airport Transfers

Start with Budapest and continue with other European cities. How can you reach them? Travel by private airport transfer from Budapest to other countries.

Who never missed a flight ticket purchase? It often happens with everybody who wants to travel to anywhere. Sometimes travellers buy tickets to the nearest big city which is close to the final destination, such as Prague is very close to Brno or Bratislava. The way between those cities is only a few hours. If your ticket price reaches the sky and you want to save some money, it is often useful to buy a ticket to other cities. The only question is how I can travel between cities.

The answer is by private transfer renting. If you wish to spend your holiday in Vienna but the flight ticket prices are so high, you can also choose Budapest to your destination. Budapest is very close to the capital city of Austria, it is only 1.5 hour by car. Several Budapest airport transfer organize transfers from Budapest to Vienna or other cities.

Most of the transfers from Budapest are available for affordable prices. Let me present an example for you. If you land on International Liszt Ferenc Airport Budapest and your final destination is Vienna, you need to order an airport transfer minimum 48 hours before you arrive at Budapest. The average prices are between €170 and €200/person. These prices include a return way from Vienna if you wish to take a short visit and also include a few hour presentation and guide where you can see the most popular parts of Vienna, such as State Opera House or the Burg theatre. After you spend a beautiful time and have a dinner in the city of culture and arts, you can take a shopping walk in Mariahilfer Strasse then you can start travelling back to Budapest. Usually, our customers want to stop at the famous outlet area in central Europe, called Pandorf, where you can buy well-known brands’ clothes for lower prices than anywhere. This total tour takes around 10-12 hours but it depends on customer’ wishes.