To Begin

At our website, BudaBaB, we want you to feel as if a friend is looking out for you when you are visiting Budapest. Tons of additional information has been lovingly put into The BudaBaB Review blog. This is a very visual and easily searchable blog with over 150 current topics. Look for the page Various Articles of Interest where I park interesting articles; this is where they are stored.

People are always telling us "If we had known you needed/wanted ______________we would have brought it for you." Well dear guests, here is it. This site is where you will find what we need or want in case you want to perform a random act of kindness.

If you are arriving from the Budget Nomad blog, then I hope you received some humor, some thought provoking information, or just some mind candy to chill out with. Quite honestly, we have lived here in Hungary since 2001, so being from the U.S. there are many things that we miss which are unavailable here. Currently, the majority of those things are books; one of our favorite 2nd hand bookstores closed.

Ryan has left university teaching in 2014. The B and B is never going to make us rich. Our main goal with the B and B is to meet people, not to get wealthy. Getting wealthy would be nice though, if you want to put us in your will, we won't complain.

On these pages you will find some little techie gifts you may find helpful and some ideas for little gifts for us.
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