Hello and welcome to my webpage. On this site you'll be able to read a lot about the things that matter to me.  As you will see, I have many pages to this site, so be sure to look it all over since its constantly changes from either stuff deleted or added.  Thanks again for stopping by my site!

If you can assist me on any of the wantlists please drop me an email. In the subject box type as is BAD BUCKEYE BLOOD PLEASE DON'T DELETE I HAVE THESE FROM YOUR PAGE!!!!! I will email you back otherwise I won't get in touch with you.  Please include a wantlist as well thanks also let me know how you stumbled upon this site as well so I can get a better idea what brought you to trade with me. This is my email address: asingleredrose75@aol.com.  Some of you like to know more about me well its simple all you need to do is ask me and Ill be more than happy to answer your questions. Thanks for reading!