The Bucks Tree Club is club was formed for anyone keen to share their interest and knowledge of trees and where the notable ones are to be found in Buckinghamshire. It is listed at the website for tree enthusiasts where all  tree clubs or societies in the UK are welcome to register so as to encourage contact between such groups: Go to The Dendrologist


The Bucks Tree Club share visits to tree collections, lectures and meetings  and with other groups with similar interests too. There are also opportunities to participate in practical activities and to attend tree identification classes.


Members receive a quarterly newsletter and  from 2015, the Bucks Tree Club's handbook lists members details with their special interests or project so they can easily keep in contact with each other. The Club started the "Best in Bucks" project to find the best of each tree species that can be viewed by the public within the county and has also compiled a list of ancient woodlands and their nearest town. 
For history and account of the Bucks Tree Club  activities please click here.

Those joining the  Bucks Tree Club will receive 'Where to See Trees in the British Isles' and their subscription will be due for renewal on 1st November 2021 although Covid 19 has curtailed club activities  it is considering setting up a private arboretum club to be run by members. Send a cheque for £10  payable to The Dendrologist and post  to: 

The Bucks Tree Club,
c/o Little Friars Arboretum,

Pednor Bottom

Bucks HP5 2SS

Please state that you will not pass to others any Bucks Tree Club members details and include an email address for contact as members receive the Club's  newsheets by email.