Bucksport– How It Was, and How It Is, Storytelling July 8, 2015

Bucksport– How It Was, and How It Is

WERU Community Radio and the Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce will present

a live storytelling event on Wednesday, July 8 at 5-7pm at the Alamo Theatre, Main Street in Bucksport.

WERU will record the storytelling for broadcast at a later date. Speakers include: Naomi Graychase, David Keene, Frank Dunbar, Richard Tenent and Pat Ranzoni.

More information is available at bucksportbaychamber.com and weru.org.

Come on out! Have we got some stories for you!

Listen Here: http://archives.weru.org/weru-news-report/2015/07/weru-news-report-71515/

WERU COMMUNITY RADIO, The Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce and Bucksport's Wednesday On Main Program combine forces to bring you one fantastic evening of Storytelling: "BUCKSPORT - HOW IT WAS AND HOW IT IS".

The Alamo Theatre will host local folks talking about their town - from long ago to today, you'll hear funny, poignant, possibly outrageous but totally heartwarming and insightful tales that tell us all why we love, hate, abide, cherish and most importantly, choose to live in Bucksport and this corner of Hancock County. Warts and all, this town's got a history and a future, and we'll hear all about it.

Wahl’s Dairy Port and Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream will be offering ice cream specials (something to do with FREE) at all Wednesday On Main events!