Mini Buskers Festival August 26, 2015

Wednesday on Main - Mini Buskers Festival

Wednesday, August 26

5pm to 6:20pm

Main Street, Bucksport!

Live musicians of many varieties performing up and down Main Street, instrument cases open at their feet, for tips from the crowd.

Followed by a 30 minute concert at the Gazebo on the Bucksport Waterfront. Here is a list of the buskers themselves:

1. Daryne Rockett; Celtic Harp

2. Gena Churchill; Accordion

3. Rico Estabrook; Native American Flute

4. Shawn Mercer; Guitar

5. Chris Soper; Guitar

6. Willy Kelly; Guitar

7. Jay Peterson; Guitar

8. Travis Riley ; Violin

9. David Weeda, Highland Bagpipe