Ricky Diedrich is 34 years old and battling his second round with a brain tumor. He had surgery 6 years ago to remove the previous tumor. Just recently, he started having the same symptoms (seizures) and has been diagnosed once again with the same thing, Oligodendroglioma.  Unfortunately, he is in need of another brain surgery. This time it's going to be an even more difficult struggle. He is currently unemployed and without insurance. His seizures have made it impossible to work at his trade, a Master Carpenter. The doctors have told him he can no longer drive, as well. This is making simply "getting by", impossible. Medical bills are piling up, as long as the mortage and heat & electricity. If there is anything you can do to help, even $1 dollar would be greatly appreciated! This fund raiser is linked directly to Ricky's paypal account. He will receive all monies, less the fundrazr fee/paypal fees.  Also, the biggest thing you can do is to SHARE this and pass it along to your friends.  Ricky has been working in carpentry since he was about 18 years old and is a dedicated hard working man, who really needs his friends and family to pull together for him.

Thank You, 
Stacy (Ricky's Sister)

To read more about this cancer please look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oligodendroglioma


Please take a moment AND CLICK THE "GIVE" LINK to donate & share! Help my brother keep his home and get the medical attention that he needs! 

Thank you, Stacy

Ricky with Mason

Handsome, yet silly! That's my brother!
Ricky with Draven