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Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

foreclosure defense lawyer
    foreclosure defense
  • Foreclosure defense is term used to describe a set of legal tactics and strategies used by consumer lawyers and advocates to fight and defend lender foreclosure actions.
  • Protecting the debtor from losing possession of property.
  • A person who practices or studies law; an attorney or a counselor
  • a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice
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foreclosure defense lawyer - How to
How to Fight to Save Your Home in California: Foreclosure Defense WRITTEN BY LAWYERS AND A PRO SE LITIGANT
How to Fight to Save Your Home in California: Foreclosure Defense WRITTEN BY LAWYERS AND A PRO SE LITIGANT


If you have ever contemplated the prospect of fighting your own court battle, you know the feeling of panic that quickly strikes, knocking all of the confidence right out of you. After the butterflies in your stomach have subsided and your heart has stopped racing, you ask yourself: How will I ever be able to handle court procedure, rules and protocol, let alone argue my case? Well stop worrying because, if you have the courage to fight to save your home, we will show you, point by point, how to do it. Here is the Litigation Handbook you've been praying for.


- Tips on Court Procedure

- "Show Me the Note" Defenses

- California Unlawful Detainer Defenses

- Bankruptcy Mortgage Note Challenge





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Lisa Figueroa
Lisa Figueroa
Attorney Lisa Figueroa gave a great client experience to radio listener Robert K. To honor Lisa, I invited her to lunch and she chose Cafe Madrid. Lisa concentrates her practice in the areas of criminal defense and foreclosure. She speaks fluent Spanish and is passionate about helping her clients understand the law, both in court and in her office. She is so concerned about being available to her clients that she moved her office closer to where the majority of her clients live. Lisa has worked very hard to become a lawyer, including that fact that she learned she was pregnant on her first day of law school many years ago.
Roy Oppenheim Featured in Sun-Sentinel
Roy Oppenheim Featured in Sun-Sentinel
Roy Oppenheim shares views on foreclosure defense, strategic defaults and real estate news with South Florida Sun-Sentinel writer Paul Owers

foreclosure defense lawyer
foreclosure defense lawyer
Foreclosure Defense Guidebook: An EASY to Understand Guide  to  Saving Your Home From Foreclosure.
In this EASY to read, EASY to follow guide, we show you how to defend your home from foreclosure written in plain English without the legalese.

Discover the shocking truth behind foreclosure fraud that banks don't want you to know.

Over 85% of subprime loans in the US have been securitized in the last 10 years. This means, chances are, your loan is too. And if your loan has been securitized, then your bank does not own your loan and, therefore, does not have the authority to foreclose on your home -- yet they do this every single day because they rely on your ignorance.

Banks are literally stealing thousands of homes every day and kicking families to the curb through deceit and fraud. This books lays out the fraud that is being committed by the banking industry to steal billions of dollars from the American public in easy to understand plain English.

This book provides shows you how the fraud is being perpetrated and provides you step by step instructions to help you put up a viable defense against foreclosure fraud.

Put up a fight and stay in your home. This book shows you how!
Download a FREE COPY at