Welcome to the 'Bucks and Beyond Theatre Network'. Rubbish title, great idea! I want to bring the seprate Theatre communities in the area together to share and compare experiences. Here, hopefully you will eventually be able to announce auditions and performances. Browse an 'Artistes' area where you can search for Actors, musicians crew and anything else related to our great industry. I like to think you will also be able to submit reviews of shows you've seen. Tell us your stories. The good, the bad and the downright ugly! Although very much geared toward 'local theatre' I hope to be able to include information regarding opportunities in the wider acting world and beyond.
Although in it's infancy I see this site as becoming an integral part of local theatre life for both the creators and their adoring public.
So have a look, let me know what you think and, well, watch this space!
Anyone can view the site. To post comments and add information you need a site invitation. Email me at kage75@live.co.uk for an invitation.