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Quaker legend has it that a first-time attender at a Quaker meeting for worship, confused by the silence, leaned over to Friend and whispered, "When does the service begin?"  "When the Meeting ends," was his reply. 

Since its inception the Religious Society of Friends and its members have been active in social causes that support our testimonies of peace and nonviolence, care for one another, and stewardship of the earth.  Following is a sampling of causes actively supported by Buckingham Meeting and its members.

Each Sunday during social time we collect donations for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. TASK feeds those who are hungry in the Trenton area and offers programs to encourage self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life of its patrons.

Buckingham Meeting is a supporter of Friendly Water for the World, a Quaker-founded organization that helps people in developing countries to build BioSand water filters.  These filters can remove up to 95 - 99% of bacteria and viruses, amoebae, protozoa, and worms, as well as metals, providing clean water for the family. More than 3.6 million people now have access to BioSand-filtered water through installations in homes, schools, orphanages, hostels, and clinics in 66 countries.

Coalition to Shelter and Support the Homeless is an alliance of faith-based and community organizations creating a Code Blue program in Central Bucks County.  Code Blue is an emergency plan to provide shelter for our homeless neighbors on winter nights when the wind chill factor is below 20° F. It operates from December 1st through March 31st.  Bucks County had only one emergency shelter in 2009 when Advocates for the Homeless & Those in Need (AHTN) opened in Lower Bucks County.   There is no such network in Central Bucks County and CSSH is trying to
remedy that situation.