This page will contain information about SAE projects and AET online record keeping. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for AET instructions and help with FFA degree and proficiency award applications.

What is a Supervised Agricultural Experience?

A Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) can be defined as a hands-on student developed project that provides students with real world agricultural experiences under the supervision of their agriculture instructor.

Why are SAE's important?

This type of experiential learning offers students an array of benefits such as career exploration, developing job and decision-making skills, record keeping, and earning money. Students get the opportunity to apply the content they learned in their Agricultural Education courses to a real world experience in various agricultural fields. All BV agriculture students also receive 15% of their grade for ag class by successfully planning and conducting their SAE projects as well as keeping accurate records for their SAE projects. 

What are the options?

Types:                                                          Description/Example:

  •  Exploratory                                           Agricultural literacy, Assist a florist
  • Research/Experimentation                    Agricultural experiments, Animal nutrition tests
  • Ownership/Entrepreneurship                Crops, Livestock, Garden, Business
  • Job Placement                                        Paid or Non-paid agricultural employment
  • Home/Community Improvement           Repairing a fence, renovating a room, park restoration
* Every student must have at least 2 SAE projects: one home/community improvement project per year totaling at least 10 hours of work and at least one additional SAE project from any of the above categories.

AET Online Record Keeping
All students will use the AET online record keeping system to maintain accurate records of their SAE projects. Using the AET system is essential for students to track their progress with their SAE, apply for SAE related awards, apply for FFA degrees, and earn the SAE portion of their grade for ag class. Mrs. Gregory will be checking each student's records on AET at least once every nine weeks to assess their progress. 

Accessing AET
  • Go to the following website: 
  • Click on the "sign in student" button
  • The chapter username is: OH0039 (The letters "O" and "H" must be capitalized)
  • The student's username is the first letter of their first name followed by their last name: Example - JGregory (The first two letters must be capitalized)
  • The student's password is the same as their username (The first two letters must be capitalized)
FFA State/American Degree and Proficiency Award Applications
I would recommend that you enter all SAE records (expenses, income, hours worked, etc), CDE participation, community service hours, etc into AET before beginning your application process. AET automatically transfers all of your above mentioned records into your applications.
  • Sign-in to AET account (see directions above)
  • Click on the "reports" tab
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select "Degree/Application Manager"
  • Select the appropriate application in the drop-down menu and click "add new"
  • Click on the blue link that says, "application"
  • Begin editing the various sections of the application
  • To view sample proficiency applications from all proficiency areas visit this website:
Helpful Learning Resources
  • From the AET homepage ( click on the link in the left sidebar that says "Learning Resources"
  • On the Learning Resources page click on the link that says "student pages". This will provide you with several helpful resources to guide you through various AET functions.
  • I have attached the Ohio FFA State Degree Handbook at the bottom of this page. Keep in mind that this handbook gives directions for the application in Excel format as if your were entering all of your degree information manually directly into Excel (AET takes care of most of this for you as long as you have all of your updated records on AET).
  • I have also attached the Proficiency Award Handbook and sample proficiency applications at the bottom of this page.
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