Buckaroo's Ballers ESPN FFL Constitution

Buckaroo’s Ballers Fantasy Football League Constitution

I. Commissioner

A. Until he retires, the Commissioner shall be Ivar Anderson, founder of the Buckaroo’s Ballers Fantasy Football League (hereinafter referred to as the “League”).

B. During the season, the Commissioner will be responsible to efficiently run the day-to-day operations of the League and will be required to interpret the appropriate course of action based on the terms outlined in the League Constitution and by ESPN. The Commissioner has autonomous rule over the league and may not be removed from office except through his own decision to retire.

D. In the event the Commissioner retires, he shall appoint a successor Commissioner, who shall inherit all powers set forth in the Constitution

E. All decisions made by the Commissioner shall be final.  The Commissioner may, at his discretion, appoint such committees as he sees fit to assist in the day-to-day operations of the league.

F. The League is a Constitutional Monarchy, not a democracy.  The Commissioner shall have such powers as are necessary to effectuate the effective operation of the League.

II.  League Members
A. There will be ten (10) league members for each season, no more, no less.

B. All interested members from the previous season have the right to retain their franchise as long as they have not been banished by the Commissioner.

C. Banishments will be instituted by the Commissioner, are not subject not appeal and shall be upheld for a minimum of 2 seasons.

D. Banishments will be issued as a result of franchise negligence, failure to pay league fees in a timely manner, collusion and/or for reasons currently beyond comprehension but for which, at said time, the Commissioner deems banning appropriate.

III. League Setup

A. League Fees

1. Will equal the decided upon entry fee for the league plus fees associated with league setup and activation.

2. Shall be due on or before Draft Day, unless other prior arrangements have been made with the Commissioner.

3. Failure to pay league fees will result in league banishment.

B. Rosters

Each team will have twenty-five (25) rosters spots as set forth below:



























































C. Scoring - will be decided by the Commissioner prior to draft day and will be posted on the League Settings page.

D. Divisions - The ten (10)-team league will be divided into one (1) division.

IV. Draft

A. Draft Process

1. The draft order will be determined by the final standings following the playoffs of the previous season. The 1st place team of the previous season will have the last pick and the 10th place team will have the first pick. The remaining eight (8) positions will be determined per the prior years final standings as posted on the league page.

2.  Once the draft order is determined, the draft order will be in “snake” format (1st pick in round 1, has last pick in round 2, and so forth).

6. The draft date will be determined by the Commissioner and must take place within two weeks of the opening game.

7. The draft will be performed online.

8. The draft will be twenty (20) rounds, due to the Keeper requirements set forth in Section IV (B) below.

B. Keepers

1.  Each franchise must keep a five (5) players from the previous year’s roster.

2.  A franchise may keep a maximum of one (1) QB, two (2) RBs and shall be required to select one IDP as a keeper.  There is no requirement to keep any one offensive position as a keeper, only restrictions on the maximum number of QBs and RBs that may be kept.

3. There is no maximum time limit on the number of seasons a player can be kept.

4. Any new franchise owner replacing a banished owner shall “adopt” the existing franchise’s roster and retain eligible keepers for the new season.

5. Keepers must be officially announced by the date and time set forth on the League settings page on ESPN.  Any franchise not setting its keepers by the cut-off date and time shall have their 5 keepers selected by the Commissioner.  Any changes to the Commissioner selected keepers must be presented within forth-eight (48) hours of the cut-off time to be considered.

6. Any revisions to the keeper rule will not apply retroactively to players currently in “keeper” status.

V. Waivers and Free Agents

1.  The league will employ a FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) format to allow teams to pick up players on waiver as well as free agents. 

2.  Each team will be allocated a FAAB of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250) at the end of the auction draft.  Once this budget is exhausted, a team can only submit a bid of $0 for a player on waivers or free agent players.

3.  Bidding will be allowed each day (M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa, Su), and bids will be processed by the league site at the designated time per the web site (currently 11 AM EST/EDT).

4.  The team that submits the highest bid will be awarded that player.  If two teams submit identical bids for a player, the tiebreaker will be based on league standings with the team with the lowest place in the standings being awarded the player.  The tiebreaker will reset each week of the season.

5.  Minimum bid amount is $0.

VI. Trades

A. Trades will be allowed from the end of the draft until the trading deadline as outlined on the league settings page.

B. The Commissioner shall have final approval of all trades, and may ask for league input regarding the fairness of a trade, but is not required to do so. In the event the Commissioner solicits league opinion, each franchise owner has the right to submit their opinion regarding any trade they believe to be unfair. 

C.  Off-season trades involving players and keepers are allowed subject to Commissioner approval.

D.  Draft picks are not subject to trade.

VII. Regular Season

A. The season schedule will be generated automatically by your league service.

B. All franchises are responsible to make sure their lineups are updated before kickoff of the first game of the week. No exceptions will be made.

C. In the event of a computer failure prior to the start of a given week’s games, a franchise owner must contact the Commissioner prior to kickoff of the first game and inform of him of the situation and the subsequent lineup change(s). If the Commissioner receives the lineup change(s) in a timely manner, the change(s) will be made. The Commissioner must then post notification of the manual lineup change(s) on the message board and/or contact the opposing franchise owner via phone/email within one hour of the start of the first game of said week.

D. The regular season will end after the completion of week 12.

VIII.  Tie Breakers

A.  The first tie breaker shall be Head to Head record between the teams  during the regular season.  This shall be determined by ESPN.

B.  In the event of a tie after applying the first tie breaker, the second tie breaker shall be the Total Points Scored during the regular season of the two franchises involved.  In the unlikely event of a continuing tie, the third tie breaker will be Total Points Scored Against each team during the regular season.

C.  In the event the first three (3) tie breakers do not resolve the issue, the final tie breaker shall consist of the Commissioner comparing the weekly scores of each of the tied franchises during the regular season (that is, comparing the points scored each week for each of the teams as though they had played head-to-head every regular season game).

D.  As the league has an even number of regular season games, in the event the final tie breaker does not produce a winner, the tie shall be broken by a coin flip.  The team with the best away record shall call the flip.

IX. Playoffs

A. The two-round playoffs will take place during weeks 13 through 16, consisting of two (2) two week matchups.  The 1st place team shall play the 4th place team and the 2nd place team shall play the 3rd place team in weeks 13 and 14, with the winners facing off in weeks 15 and 16, and the losers playing for 3rd place during the same time period.  The teams not qualifying for the money shall face off in two week matchups based upon the final regular season standings.

B.  Seeding is based on regular season records and the subsequent tiebreakers outlined by ESPN and are generated automatically by your league service. Playoff seedings are not debatable.

X. Payouts

Payouts for the pot will be made as follows:

4th Place - $25.00

3rd Place - $35.00

2nd Place - $70.00

1st Place - $120.00

In addition to payout, the league champ will receive the prized online trophy to be displayed on the League home page until the conclusion of the following season

XI. Amendments

A. All amendments proposed by league members must receive approval from the Commissioner prior to the start of the season.  If the Commissioner deems the proposed amendment suitable, it shall be presented to the league members for a vote.  A majority of all league members must approve the amendment for it to be adopted.

B. All amendments proposed during the season will be reviewed at the end of the current season and not be made applicable to the current season.

C. All amendments to the League constitution will be named according to the league member who caused or identified the problem.

XII.  General Rules of Behavior for Franchise Owners

A.  Expectations

This section is being added for ALL owners to understand what is expected of them. Consistently ignoring these guidelines will be considered grounds for banishment from the League:

1.  Always put the most competitive team you can on the field each and every week. In football, this includes NEVER playing a player that is on a bye week, as well as playing a player that was announced as "OUT" early in the week. It is understood that last second "inactives" can cause you to play an injured player, but at least make an attempt in general to have a friend look out for your team if you can't be around.

2.  Always respond to trade offers within 2 days. If you must reject a trade, please do so within two days (and preferably right away). The other owner may be looking to trade with somebody else if you decline them, so please don't leave them hanging. If you would like time to consider the offer, simply tell the other owner that you want to think it over, but then you are required to get back to them again quickly.

3.  Abide by all the rules set by the Commissioner, either in this constitution or in email.

4.  You are expected to respond to all emails from the Commissioner immediately (ie, that same day or the next day if you need time to think about it), especially votes. Even if you have nothing to add, please just let him know that you received his email. You don't have to write a novel; just one sentence is fine.

5.  Be respectful to the other owners, especially in trading. Do not offer stupid and insulting trades, and do not respond rudely if you don't like a trade that was offered to you. If you have an issue, please bring it to the Commissioner.

6.  You are required to be available for all drafts. Draft dates will generally be planned out months in advance. If something suddenly comes up, you will be allowed to provide a comprehensive list of all players ranked in your order of preference as set up by ESPN.   (It is always a good practice to pre-rank your players in case of computer malfunction , power outages, the closing of the Wi-Fi hotspot from which you are drafting, etc. on draft day.)

7.  If you find any trade to be unfair, bring it to the Commissioner before attacking the owners involved in the trade.

8.  Any player that consistently breaks these guidelines WILL be removed from the league, at the Commissioner's discretion. If you are removed from a season that you have paid for, you will be refunded your money and your team will be replaced. Therefore, in almost all cases, you will not be able to participate in future seasons.

Dated December 31, 2008

© Ivar G. Anderson 2008