1. About the Buccaneers Series

The Buccaneers Series by Sheila K.McCullagh were a set of books about a boy who finds a magical picture of a silver ship which can take him into another world - one filled with pirates, privateers, wars and maritime adventure.
Designed for younger readers (4-8 and 9-12) the series follows his adventures as he travels with the buccaneers, learns to sail and deals with politics, wars and more.
A second set of books called the New Buccaneers series continues on from where the first set ended.
Authors note:
While researching my Tim and Tobias site, I stumbled across some information about another set of books I had read and loved as a child. On looking further I was surprised how little information was available, so I have set up this site to try and link to all the resources I can find about it.