GetDevice fscommand2 Command


Personalized wallpapers and screensavers for mobile phones

a parameter that identifies the device on which Flash Lite is running. This identifier is typically the model name.


device String to receive the identifier of the device. It can be either the name of a variable or a string value that contains the name of a variable.

Value Returned
-1: Not supported. 0: Supported.

Availability: ActionScript 1.0; Flash Lite 1.1


The following example assigns the device identifier to the device variable:
status = fscommand2("GetDevice", "device");

Some sample results and the devices they signify follow:
D506i A Mitsubishi 506i phone. DFOMA1 A Mitsubishi FOMA1 phone. F506i A Fujitsu 506i phone. FFOMA1 A Fujitsu FOMA1 phone. N506i An NEC 506i phone. NFOMA1 An NEC FOMA1 phone. Nokia3650 A Nokia 3650 phone. p506i A Panasonic 506i phone. PFOMA1 A Panasonic FOMA1 phone. SH506i A Sharp 506i phone. SHFOMA1 A Sharp FOMA1 phone. SO506i A Sony 506iphone.

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