Device video playback

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Flash Lite 2.0 can play video in any format that’s supported natively by the target device. For
example, some can record and playback video in the MPEG video format. Other devices support
AVI video. During playback, Flash Lite sending the original video data to the device
to decode and render the data directly to the screen. You can include video in your
application in any of the following ways:

  • Bundle the original video data in the SWF file.
  • Load an external video file from the device’s memory card, or over the network.

To operate video playback in Flash Lite 2.0 you must take the ActionScript Video object. First
available in Flash Player 6, the Video object in Flash Lite 2.0 has extra methods for
controlling video, as the and Video.pause() methods. You can also use the
System.capabilities.videoMIMETypes array to define what video formats a device

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