SetInputTextType fscommand2 Command


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Specifies the mode in which the input text field should be opened.
Flash Lite supports input text functionality by asking the host application to start the generic device-specific text input interface, often referred to as the front-end processor (FEP). When the SetInputTextType command is not used, the FEP is opened in default mode.


variableName Name of the input text field. It can be either the name of a variable or a string value that contains the name of a variable.
type One of the values Numeric, Alpha, Alphanumeric, Latin, NonLatin, or NoRestriction.

Value Returned
0: Failure. 1: Success.

The following table shows what effect each mode has, and what modes are substituted:

InputTextType ModeSets the FEP to one of these mutually exclusive modesIf not supported on current device, opens the FEP in this mode
NumericNumbers only (0 to 9)Alphanumeric
AlphaAlphabetic characters only (A to Z, a to z)Alphanumeric
AlphanumericAlphanumeric characters only (0 to 9, A to Z, a to z)Latin
LatinLatin characters only (alphanumeric and punctuation)NoRestriction
NonLatinNon-Latin characters only (for example, Kanji and Kana)NoRestriction
NoRestrictionDefault mode (sets no restriction on the FEP)N/A

NOTE: Not all mobile phones support these input text field types. For this reason, you must validate the input text data.

Availability: ActionScript 1.0; Flash Lite 1.1


The following line of code sets the input text type of the field associated with the input1 variable to receive numeric data:
status = fscommand2("SetInputTextType", "input1", "Numeric");

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