ExtendBacklightDuration fscommand2 Command


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Extends the duration of a backlight for a specified period of time.
If the duration is greater than zero, this command specifies the amount of time in seconds (maximum of 60 seconds) that the backlight should be kept on. If the time elapses without an additional call to this command, the backlight behavior reverts to the default duration. If duration is zero, the backlight behavior immediately reverts to the default behavior.
Note: This feature is system dependent. For example, some systems limit the total duration
that the backlight can be extended.

ExtendBacklight Duration

duration The backlight duration, in seconds. Maximum value of 60 seconds.

Value Returned
-1: Not supported 0: An error occurred, and the operation could not be completed. 1: Success

Availability: ActionScript 1.0; Flash Lite 2.0


The following example extends the duration of the backlight for 45 seconds:
status = FSCommand2("ExtendBacklightDuration", 45)

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