GetPlatform fscommand2 Command


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Sets a parameter that identifies the current platform, which broadly describes the class of device. For devices with open operating systems, this identifier is typically the name and version of the operating system.


platform String to receive the identifier of the platform.

Value Returned
-1: Not supported. 0: Supported.

Availability: ActionScript 1.0; Flash Lite 1.1


The following example sets the platform parameter to the identifier for the current platform:
status = fscommand2("GetPlatform", "platform");

The following examples show some sample results for platform:
506i A 506i phone. FOMA1 A FOMA1 phone. Symbian6.1_s60.1 A Symbian 6.1, Series 60 version 1 phone. Symbian7.0 A Symbian 7.0 phone

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