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    Thank you for agreeing to help us by pretesting the 2010 Boston University Libraries survey {determine name}. Your participation is important to the success of the survey and we appreciate your assistance.  Please [time yourself as you] complete the survey and then answer a few questions about the survey.

    UW calls their survey "FACULTY LIBRARY AND INFORMATION USE SURVEY" but they have their brand on the survey.  I think that's a bit long but perhaps losing the  "and information" part could work?---Jim

    What about "Faculty Survey about the BU Libraries"?
    What about "How many minutes did it take you to do the survey?"
    I think Survey Monkey will generate the url. Alex can confirm (She's back she just came in!)
    As the chair of the Assessment Committee, I'd be happy to send out the survey and mention in the opening line who on the AC recommended them or had contacted them. I'm also happy to have any questions come to me, if that makes sense. I can give my email, office phone (no voice mail at the moment-- I'll ask Cathy M. if it can be installed in time for the pilot), and cell. Would it be OK if I answered any questions if they call, but ask anyone who calls to give their feedback in an email? Then I can forward any feedback to assess-l.
    We decided not to do print surveys for ease of administration and cost.



    Thank you for completing the 2010 Faculty Library Survey pretest.   Please help us improve the survey by answering the following (please specify question numbers if applicable).


    1.      How many minutes did it take you to complete the survey?

    2.      Are there any terms used or questions that are confusing, hard to understand, or to which you found it difficult to respond? 

    3.      Does the survey give you an opportunity to address your library issues or concerns?  If not, please indicate below what areas are missing or how a question might be asked differently.

    4.      Other comments on the survey?

    5. If you are willing to be contacted for follow up, please provide your email.



    Thank you.  If you have any other questions about the survey or want to provide additional comments, please contact Linda Plunket at