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Questions/ problems:

  1. We need to set dates to begin and end pretesting.
  2. We need to have set dates to run the actual survey. (How long/how many rounds did UW do, and should/can we meet their standard without loosing respondents b/c of summer faculty-flight?)
  3. How long (approx # of minutes) will the pretest take?
  4. What will the pretest URL be?
  5. How are we communicating for feedback and to sign letters, etc? If we do this as "The Library Assessment Committee" using assess-l, we run the risk of being an unknown corporate entity (possibly lowering our response rates?). Steve Hiller signs the emails, etc in the UW surveys, but he also *is* their go-to survey person, a position we do not have. UW also lists a phone number as well as an email for followup. If we list a phone # (and who gets to be that lucky committee member?) we need to determine how we will track the phoned-in feedback in the pretesters’ own words.
  6. What are we officially calling the survey? We need to decide and be consistent.
  7. UW offers print surveys, am I right in recalling that we have determined we will not do that for cost reasons?


TO: [Liaison/selector Librarians]

It's time to pretest our faculty survey. The pretest is a critical part of survey development as it provides direct user input on the survey, can identify “library” jargon or other phrasing that’s not well understood by respondents, and allows us to look at results to see if they do indeed provide useful information.

Please help us in identifying faculty in your subject area who would be willing to assist the BU Libraries by pretesting the survey. Since we want a reasonably representative group, just one or two faculty from your area would be sufficient. We will pretest the survey beginning ***INSERT DATE***. Below is an email message you can send those you’ve identified as pretesters with a URL to take the online survey. Please don’t send the message with the URL to a faculty email list but only after you’ve identified specific participants. The pretest should take about **???** minutes or so.

Thank you for your help in this important effort.

BU Libraries assessment committee (list names?)--I'd say we should list the names as I doubt folks will think to look at the wiki first.--Jim


The Boston University Libraries are conducting a survey of faculty. Your participation helps us ensure that the Libraries can continue to provide the collections, services, and facilities that support your work. Please assist us by pretesting the BU Libraries 2010 Faculty Library Use Survey [***is that what we are calling this? We need to decide on a name and be consistent***]. Your comments will help us design a more effective survey that will be sent to the entire faculty later this spring.

--If we can put the library barnding on the survey, we can leave off the BU Libraries part of the title.--Jim

Please go to the following address: [**URL here**]

and submit the completed survey and the pretest questions by ***DATE?***. If you prefer to complete a print version of the survey, let me know and I’ll send you one.

--did we decide to do print in the pilot but NOT in the actual survey? I thought we had decided no print versions would be used.--Jim

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact [**we need to decide on our contact policy/preferences**]

Your participation is important to the success of the survey and we appreciate your assistance.