Assessment Group Charge

    Proposed Charge for Assessment Group, May, 2009


    The Assessment Group is charged with planning and implementing an assessment program so that the Library can become a user-centered, data-driven, decision making organization. The goal of this program is to contribute to the strategic objectives of the Library and the University, to provide information to stakeholders about the use of resources and services, and to better understand the needs and information seeking behavior of Library users. The program should be as efficient, practical, and transparent as possible. Staff from the Law, Theology, and Medical Libraries will be invited to participate.

    Specifically, the Assessment Group will:

    • Conduct an ongoing environmental scan of:
      • Recent library literature
      • Commercial products, such as Serials Solution 360COUNTER
      • Relevant activities of organizations such as ARL, ACRL, COUNTER, and NEASC
      • Exemplary academic library assessment programs, such as the University of Washington Libraries, the University of Virginia Library, and the University of Pennsylvania Libraries.
    • Recommend an Assessment Program Plan to the University Librarian outlining what statistics about the use of resources and services will be collected and what user surveys, focus groups, and usability tests will be conducted. This plan will include the rationale for selecting these measures, a description about how these quantitative and qualitative measures will be analyzed and reported, and a recommended frequency for each type of data collection. Post the program plan on the Library’s web site.
    • Implement a program by collecting, analyzing, and reporting selected use statistics, and user assessment activities. Ensure that any user surveys meet the requirements of the Institutional Review Board.
    • Provide Library Administration with data and recommendations, as requested.
    • Assess the program and recommend how the Library should move forward in creating a sustainable assessment program which will incorporate assessment into regular workflow.



    The Assessment Group reports to the University Librarian and is composed of library staff appointed by the University Librarian. Current members of the Assessment Group may recommend new members for the Assessment Group to the University Librarian as needed. New members should be selected based on the complementary skills they would bring to the group, such as expertise with research methods, data analysis, report writing, or group facilitation. The Group will recommend a chair to the University Librarian at the beginning of each fiscal year. The chair will be responsible for scheduling meetings, creating and distributing agenda, conducting the meetings, reporting to the University Librarian, writing an annual report, and ensuring that all appropriate documents are archived. Minutes will be taken on a rotating basis.



    The Group will maintain a website, blog, or wiki of assessment activities, documents, and findings. The Group will provide face-to-face opportunities for library staff to discuss the program as it develops and give feedback and suggestions.



    Library Administration will respond in a timely fashion to requests from the Assessment Group for needed resources.  The Assessment Group will develop this Assessment Program as time and resources permit.



    The program plan will be developed over the spring and summer of 2009.