Eric Sanchez

Eric Sanchez is a boarding student Worthington Preparatory School.  As of September 2010, he is also a Watcher Prentice studying at the Watchers' Academy New York Campus.


The child of military personnel, Eric was shifted from one army base to another for many years before being enrolled at Worthington Prep, leading to him acquiring an eclectic assortment of skills.

Towards the end of the Tenth Grade, Eric began to sleepwalk; apparently a childhood habit reoccurring.  Mr. Chester and Mr. Reynolds discovered that the cause was demonic possession.  Eric came to while the Watchers were performing an exorcism.  Subsequently, Eric was recruited for the Watchers' Academy (as Eric likes to explain it, it was that or a memory charm).


Character Type: Hero
Life Points: 46

 Strength 3 Intelligence 3
 Dexterity 5 Perception 3
 Constitution 3 Willpower 4

 Acrobatics 1 Knowledge 6
 Art Kung Fu 4 
 Computers Languages 2
 Crime 4 Mr. Fix-It 4
 Doctor 3 Notice
 Driving Occultism 3
 Getting Medieval 2 Science
 Gun Fu 5 Sports 1
 Influence 4 Wild: Boy Scout 3


Attractiveness 2, Fast Reaction Time, Hard to Kill 4, Natural Toughness, Nerves of Steel, Photographic Memory, Resist Demon 3, Situational Awareness


Clown, Honourable 2, Magic Magnet