BTV Music Production Software Review

For people who are keen to make their own music, the BTV solo is perhaps the most user-friendly music production software. The user is free to make use of premade beats installed in the software or produce unique music beats with the help of this easy-to-use application. It is one of the simplest beat making software in the market which allows the user to make use of his keyboard and mouse to generate music beats through premade loops and preloaded sounds. Rather than dragging many equipments or cables to sync sound-producing machines, you can buy the BTV Solo to create professional sounding music. This software is also affordably priced and spares you the trouble of spending a whole lot of money on buying expensive music equipments.

What makes the BTV Solo a popular beat making software?

Ease-of-Use: The controls are all placed in a single window and the user can make beats using any one of the 1000 preloaded professionally engineered sounds. There are more than a hundred premade loops and the interface is simplistically designed. You can use either the mouse or the keyboard to choose the music beats. Unlike other beat making software there is no drag-and-drop feature.

Flexibility: You can add as many as 16 tracks and circulate through these using the keyboard or mouse. You can also delete tracks as per your choice. This software automatically matches your beat and rhythm to the tempo you have selected. There is a section that enables the user to edit WAV files. This allows the user to add or delay effects and even add reverbs to the sounds you have generated. You can tap the Beat per Minute or BOM button which will automatically adjust to the song you are listening to so that you can create another song using the same time signature.

Creativity: You can create anything ranging from simple music beats to full-fledged songs having rhythm and harmony. The software allows you to build upon patterns by using combinations of samples and preset sounds. The software has many creative features that can accelerate your work flow. There is a 16-track sequencer which you can play like an instrument. This lets you make a production at speed of your imagination.

Customizability: You can customize the patterns and instruments, and edit the preset effects, record new samples, autochop and use editing tools for crafting new instruments. So, the BTV Solo actually allows you to edit the project immediately as you create it. You can do all kinds of editing without interrupting the work flow.

Library: For people who are lacking in inspiration, the BTV provides a sound library to help you become creative.

Interface: The BTV Solo looks like a MPC or Music Production Controller that lets you access different sounds to work faster. The sounds and drums can be found on the left side and these may be assigned to key pads in the bottom. The display shows what you are currently playing with the sound effects on the right side. The interface is so simple that one can get used to working with it in a matter of minutes. In other words, you can produce beats in an hour simply through the mouse and keyboard or the external MIDI controller. With the MIDI controller like the drum pad or keyboard, you can play drum patterns and melodies directly from it and this will be communicated on the BTV Solo interface.

Functionality: In most other beat making programs which are low-priced, the output tends to be amateurish because the number of editing tools is largely restricted. In the BTV Solo, you can make use of the Custom Drum Kits to assign instruments to sound pads to make your own music. Creating and mixing sounds is easier and faster with the BTV Solo. The Quick Kit Edit feature allows you to replace sounds and adjust parameters in every sound. You can build kits quicker with this software, regardless of whether you are drawing sounds from the sample library or importing your own sound.

Sampling Capability:
You can quickly capture and load samples and use sample editing tools such as autochop and keyspanning.

Support: When you are stuck in any operation you may require technical assistance or clarification. You can chat live with a support engineer to troubleshoot your problems. Besides, there are multiple handy video tutorials that explain every single feature of the software. You do not need any manual to start working with the BTV Solo; you can simply put on the videos to get started.

Usability: There are limitless options when it comes to churning out music beats with this software. The software may be used either as plug-in with the keyboard or in a stand-alone mode. It contains 16 tracks which you can remix and replay; all you need is a laptop or desktop. You can record your own samples directly using this laptop or desktop microphone. Incidentally the software has also introduced patches which may be altered to cater to your needs. You do not have to remember complex controls and functions to edit or save music.

Price: The software is reasonably priced and this is a great advantage which lets it to score above its competitors. Since the price is lower than $100, it is very attractive for music lovers considering the features it contains.

These are only a few advantages that have accounted for the huge popularity that the BTV Solo enjoys amongst music lovers. It lets you make music without going through the pains of sticking to only repetitive preinstalled beats. The technology is innovative and the user is free to work with the keyboard. You can click on sounds and get feedbacks to know whether the beat is indeed compatible with the track or not. This saves both time and effort. You can mix songs belonging to diverse genres. Not only is the price attractive, the total time needed for downloading and setting it up is remarkably less. This feature makes the BTV Solo hard to resist. It is not only easy for beginners but also powerful enough for professional music producers.