All About Us

Dharma Master Heng Chih

Dharma Realm Buddhist Association (DRBA)
Ordained Buddhist nun in the Mahayaha tradition for 43 years.

Buddhist Text Translation Society
Translator (Chinese to English), bilingual reviewer, editor and certifier of canonical Buddhist texts and their modern-language commentaries.

Dharma realm Buddhist University, California
MA and Ph.D. in Translation of Buddhist Texts;
President of the Dharma Realm University Board of Trustees (Located in California)

Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia
Lecturer of Buddhist Philosophy
Assistant Adjunct Professor

Gold Coast Dharma Realm (Buddhist Retreat Centre affiliated with DRBA)
Monastic Advisor                                                                                                    

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Project Facilitator

Wen-Ni Chow

Project Team: Buddhadharma
Annie Li
949.555.1212 x 123

Project Team: Budhicitta
Individuals name
949.555.1212 x 123

Individuals name
949.555.1212 x 123
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