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Hello and welcome....

I have developed this site with one objective:

To help us manage the translation project, especially offer convenience to all in accessing documentations

The sidebar on the left screen will assist in our work and hopefully "keep things together" and manage time better.

This is a trial and I am open to suggestions.

The other site known as "google drive" can be used in conjunction with this site, as all the documents we save in the google doc (either through access from google drive or here are in sync), thus there will not be any data duplications issues.

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Our Post Implementation Review Page

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3.1 The Way We Work v3.1
<To be discussed on 20/10/12>


3.0  The Way We Work v3.0

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TWWW v3.0 Post-Implementation Review
Discussion of pros and cons of the current progress
  • The pros and cons of the current progress were discussed during the meeting.
  • Strength of the current progress
  • Being able to share wisdom among the people
  • Weakness of the current process
  • The progress takes longer time than expected and might not be able to meet deadlines.

Discussion of the idea of new group structure
  • Group agreed to propose group structure (version 3.1). See diagram here:

**A post-implementation review will be conducted**

  • Suggestions from Group:
    1. To clearly define scope of work for every team member.
      • This will be the responsibility of the Team Leads to manage within their own teams.
      • Overall target dates still pending from BTTS. There’s also a dependency on speed of Bilingual Review process (currently not enough Bilingual Reviewers).
      • Further discussion on this topic will continue.
    2. There should be 2 bilingual review teams to go through Bodhicitta and Buddhadharma’s translations.
      • There is a risk of inconsistent styles if there are two separate review teams. Hence will not execute this strategy.
    3. How to ensure consistency in translations:
      • Group was advised to use the Glossary prepared by Sam.
      • Everyone to update the Footnote whenever they feel one is required (put link with brief explanation of how to do so)
d. Also via questions using ‘Comments’ function on Google Docs.


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*Announcement* 29 Sept 2012: The Way We Work v3.0

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*Announcement* The Way We Work enhancement: 29 Sept 2012

Wen-Ni <>29 September 2012 02:01
To: BTTS Asia Pacific Team
Team AP,

After considering your feedback from our last meeting on Wed, and also DM Heng Chih's advice to us, here is our proposed enhancement to the Way We are Working now.

In short, it's a minor adjustment to our existing model (see [A]) and one to-be-confirmed enhancement in [B] below.

So we'll continue doing good translation work per usual as of now. We'll update you with [B] once the dedicated English team is set up..



Done by BTTS - Asia Pacific

*Existing Process*
8. Translation into English: By Bodhicitta & Buddhadharma teams

9. Bilingual review: By Bodhicitta & Buddhadharma teams
- Reviewer team: Team Lead (TL) + as many members as possible
- "Review-ee" team: TL (or in absence of TL, at least two representatives)

[B] *Enhancement to Existing Process*
10. Polishing English translation (several times): By a dedicated English team. (to be confirmed)

*Existing Process*
11. Certifying the English
: DM Jin Fu / DM Heng Chih

Done by BTTS
12. Bilingual review (several times)

13. Bilingual certification

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