What is BT Premium Mail?

BT Premium Mail is the paid rendition of BT Mail Service. Now and again, clients would prefer not to proceed with their BT broadband utilization yet are not ready to abandon the mailing administration. In such a situation, BT offers them to pay a couple of pennies and proceed with the entrance to BT Mail. In less complex terms, BT Premium Mail is equivalent to the standard BT mail administration however is gotten to when a client stops their BT broadband assistance or when a client with a talented username needs their full command over the record.

This administration can be benefited by paying a singular amount sum and later can go through the superior record to make to 10 email addresses from a solitary BT premium mail account. To gain admittance to BT premium mail, you initially need to visit your BT standard record, at that point click Package> Included Extras> BT Email> Manage Email. You will presently get the connection to move to the Premium Mail administration. Snap the connection to put in the request from the excellent mail administration. As you do as such, BT will take a period of 24 hrs and send you the affirmation inside this time.

How to delete and close my BT Account?

There can be endless reasons why a client needs to erase his/her BT mail account. Independent of the explanation, in the event that you have chosen to get your record erased, at that point you can follow the beneath referenced strategy.

    • Begin the process by accessing your BTinternet Email account. “bt.com/mybt” is the URL that will lead you to the sign-in window. Then, invade your BT ID and password and move to your account

    • Now, you have to make a choice as per your BT account. If you are a broadband service user, then you must choose the “Manage Extras” option followed by selecting the “Manage BT Email” option.

    • On the contrary, if you have given up on broadband and are a Premium BT mail user, then select the “Premium Mail” link. Next to this, choose the “Manage Bt Mail” option.

    • In the very next window, you need to make the selection of the email address you want to delete. As you select, you will be asked to confirm it and to input the secret password.

    • Once your preferred email address gets deleted, you will receive a confirmation mail.

This process will successfully delete the email address. However, you will still have the option to recover your email address along with the mailbox within 60 days.

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