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Georgia Boonshoft

Born and raised in NYC, Georgia began seriously exploring yoga during college, when it was pointed out to her that in the face of challanges and uncomfortability, her immediate response was to tense up and hold her breath. She had taken yoga classes on and off in the past, but purely from an exercise point of view. As a cardio junkie, she didn't quite understand what all the fuss was about. This time, however, she approached class from a new point of view. She opened herself up to all that yoga might have to offer and soon found that not only did she feel more grounded and centered, but it was one heck of a workout too! Since then, she has discarded the cardio in favor of rigorous asana practices and strives every day to exist in a more honest and present state of being.

In the summer of 2012, Georgia became a Yoga Alliance 200-hour registered vinyasa yoga instructor through Sonic Yoga in NYC! 
Through teaching yoga, Georgia has found what she believes to be her calling. The concept that she doesn't get to keep what she has gained unless she gives it away plays a major role in her teaching philosophy. She wants to help others embrace yoga as more than just a "luxury activity". She believes that practicing yoga isn't a luxury or indulgence at all- it's a way of life; an alignment of mind, body, and spirit that brings every being into a fuller living experience.

Georgia will finish her degree in Vocal Performance at the Jacobs School of Music in the spring of 2013 and hopes to pursue finding a way to help make yoga more accessible and relevant to singers and musicians. 

Jean Marie Briddell

 In 1998, I was looking for a way to help heal my lower back. I had herniated discs at L4L5. Within weeks of practicing Bikram yoga I was moving with less and less pain. After 6 weeks of regular practice I was pain free and riding my bike to practice yoga.

 Through the years, the many benefits of yoga unfolded- from the physical to emotional.  

 I came to a point in my life that I knew I wanted help others discover what yoga could do for them.  

I trained directly with Bikram Choudhury for 9 weeks in Acapulco, Mexico and taught throughout Northern California.

know yoga know peace opened Oct 2010 as a HoT Yoga Studio and has grown and evolved with talented instructors offering a range of  yoga styles.

I am honored to facilitate a space for teachers to share their passion for yoga with others so  people can come to practice, heal, find strength in body and mind -and find peace.

Feeling  grateful and  blessed  seeing  how yoga can change people and their lives.

thank you



Allison Distler

Allison is a Hatha yoga teacher and somatic counselor. 

She has lived in Bloomington for 14 years, and has been teaching yoga in the community for the last four.

  She has a background in a variety of somatic practices including Aikido, Hakomi, Dance, Iyengar Yoga, and still meditation in the Soto Zen tradition.   

“I am very influenced by  the principles of the Feldenkrais work and enjoy working with people to open up possibility where there was no possibility before.

I feel yoga to be a good foundational practice for a conscious somatic journey

and a wonderful place to study how the body serves or does not serve our movement through daily life. 

I specialize working with those new to yoga, recovering from injury, or transitioning through changing body conditions (pregnancy, loss or gain of mobility, changes in size or structure of body form). 

I enjoy guiding those who seek to make somatic and more functional changes in their life. 

Growing up as a young athlete and figure skater, I was trained in a variety of movement arts at a young age.

  My passion for movement arts and functional body practices continues to grow.”

Allison also leads Restorative Yoga classes


Ann Marie Georgescu

My yoga exploration began in 1994 with a curiosity of its physical aspects and a desire to understand the meaning of ‘mind, body and spirit’. I have been a student ever since and feel gratitude at all that yoga has revealed to me, not only as a physical practice but one for self-discovery and as a healing modality.  

In 2001, I completed a 200-hour teacher certification and have taught a variety of styles and variations of yoga, including traditional hatha and vinyasa flow style classes. I have continued to study with teachers whose work I admire and strive to enhance my teaching style through the insights of my own practice. 

Pilates was the next branch of study I chose to deepen my physical awareness and as a means to access postural muscles and proper alignment. Pilates profoundly changed the shape and strength of my body and has provided me with useful tools to meet the physical challenges of my daily activities. 

I completed a Pilates certification in 2002 and I am currently in pursuit of second certification through the Stott method.  


Robyn McAllen

When I first tried yoga during my undergraduate education, I actually disliked it. I preferred running and the various other sports I was involved in. However, due to another set of stress fractures during graduate school, I tried heated yoga. I fell in love with the practice. My shins started hurting less when I walked, despite not being healed. I also noticed being more grounded and emotionally stable. I felt great after my practice and more energetic. I felt like I found something I could truly connect to at a point in my life where I felt adrift from everything. I decided I wanted to help people find the same connection to a practice I felt. I trained with Doug Hayward in State College, PA to receive my RYT200 certification, and began teaching in October of 2011. I’ve taught numerous styles including Bikram, power, gentle, and vinyasa flow. I’ve taught at studios, massage schools and for a fitness boot camp. I just moved to Bloomington in August of 2012, and am thrilled to join a new, beautiful studio and share my practice with people here.

Lauren Mehrtens

I began practicing yoga 3 years ago as a way to relieve lower back and hip pain. After exploring different forms of yoga throughout my first year of practice, I found myself in a heated yoga room and fell in love. The heat allowed my practice to deepen physically and also opened up to the emotional benefits yoga provides. Yoga has remained the single source of calm and stability, assisting me in finding peace as I made the turbulent shift from a resident of Portland, OR, to becoming a law student in Bloomington, IN in 2011. 
I am certified to teach Hot Yoga and Hot Power Fusion, and I am a regular practitioner of Hot and vinyasa style yoga. 


Crystal Olry

My pathway to finding yoga was mysterious and exhilarating.  Through seeking physical transformational muscle freedom and an ageless spine; I was spiritually led to the opening weekend at Know Yoga Know Peace.  I had dabbled with yoga a few times and didn’t understand the benefits of submersion. What I didn’t realize at first was that the regular practice, consistency, love, peace, and focus I was giving myself was changing the way I think and was bringing me back to a more natural and youthful state of mind and body.  This golden path I found has opened doors I could never imagine, like a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training under Gabrielle Scanlon in beautiful Costa Rica.  During my training I started to remember my natural inclination to enjoy researching medicinal properties of fruits, vegetables, and other elements our planet has to offer us. 

Through yoga, I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Dietitics and Public Health.   I see all forms of action as aspiring efficiency now.  Efficiency of movement, energy, rest, and ingestion of nutrient dense foods, will take you to another plane.  To see this plane you have to start to seek the truth and then you will be guided. 

My hope is to inspire others to shift back to their natural state by sharing my experiences of regular practice, healthful plant based eating, and clutter free living.  


Honorable Mention

Rena Mosterin

Sujal Patel

Dar Doss

Kristin Perkins

Kelly Allanson