Information Points

1. USA Swimming is an additional program for the Belchertown Stingray Swim Team. Swim local!  You must be registered as a Stingray to join the USA program.  When signing up with the recreation department, you would add both Stingrays and USA options.

2. Events during the Winter season are short course yard events, much like the rec meets.  Events in the Summer season are Long Course Meters.

3. New England Swimming is our LSC (Local Swimming Committee). and

4. USA Swimming is a great way to:
a. Broaden your competition base to the regional or possibly national level
b. Swim different events
c. Swim long course in the summer
d. Prepare for swimming in college

5. There are qualifying times for some US meets, not for others. Generally, you can choose the events you like to swim.

6. Season may be extended into February or March for those who qualify and practice times will change after Pioneer Valley Championships.

7. Any Stingray can join the US program, but there are a few additional expectations:
a. We recommend 3-5 practices per week
b. There may be 3-4 US meets in addition to Rec meets

8. There will be extra costs for the US program:
a. USA Swimming registration fee: $78.00 to USA Swimming-New England
b. Separate registration fee to the Belchertown Rec Dept (approx $100-150 depending on season)
c. Additional meet fees (approx $11) and event fees (approx $5 per event) to participate in US meets. Fees can vary.
d. Occasional travel costs (food, lodging, gas etc)

9. Team apparel will be the same.

10. More info can be found at: BSST USA Info Sheet

Please ask if you have any questions! Contact Coach Jo at