Mixon Hole

posted 1 Sep 2017, 06:52 by Brighton Bsac

Sea Search Dive at the Mixon Hole, off Selsey Bill West Sussex.
Some of our club members carry out Sea Search Surveys and the information is sent to the Marine Conservation Society, via the Sussex Wildlife Trust. The Mixon Hole is an amazing geological formation and represents the north side of a drowned river gorge. The north face is a grey clay cliff which is vertical in parts. The top section is an overhanging limestone cap. The hole itself is about 28-30m deep- the top section is teeming with marine life, and the steep clay walls are covered in sponges, sea squirts and creatures boring into the clay.
Limestone cap
Diver at the base of the Mixon Hole
The steep clay walls.

Farne Islands August 2017

posted 31 Aug 2017, 06:51 by Brighton Bsac   [ updated 31 Aug 2017, 06:57 ]

A great trip with our RIB which we towed to dive the Farne Islands over the August Bank Holiday. Lovely to share the ocean with the seals

Indiana Dive

posted 8 May 2016, 09:35 by Brighton Bsac   [ updated 8 May 2016, 09:36 ]

A toasty 12.C today on the Indiana wreck 2nm off Worthing Pier. Training divers and those of us doing our first dive of the season had good bright viz at 3-4m, and warn and sunny on the surface. Huge shoals of bib circling round us the whole dive!
An improvement to the two cold dives on the Pentrych on the 24 April, and Indiana on 17 April at 10C!

Meeting with BSAC and Brighton SAC, 25 August 2015

posted 25 Aug 2015, 10:13 by Brighton Bsac

A very positive meeting was held today with members of Brighton SAC and BSAC, lead by Mary Tetley.
BSAC have offered financial assistance to Steve Martin, a Brighton SAC member, to help with his legal fees after being charged with involuntary homicide by a Gozo magistrate’s court in July, and served with an extradition order to face trial in Malta.
BSAC have also apologised for the unacceptable delay in helping Steve and have prepared a statement to go out to all BSAC members, dive forums and SCUBA magazine. The contents of this statement were also discussed at the meeting and were acceptable to all present.
BSAC will also provide any ongoing (non legal) support and help that Steve requires.

Vale of Leven (Steam Drifter) and South West Rocks

posted 10 Aug 2015, 04:06 by Brighton Bsac

Vale of Leven a good 4m with bright sun, stunning dive and good swim thru's. A couple of lobsters and crabs bagged.

Second dive on South West Rocks with a well aimed shot at the overhangs, shoals of pollack, a few bass, loads of juvenile fish and squidgy stuff.
Sunshine and good company- perfect!
Thanks to Bob Jaroc for the stunning panoramic with Sussex Coast in the background

Pentyrch Wreck

posted 28 Jun 2015, 13:57 by Brighton Bsac

Amazing viz on the wreck, we saw the gun, boilers, prop, huge pollack and shoals of bib. A cloudy day, but no torches at 22m. In the photo are pollack and the orange Suberites carnosus in the foreground

Training Day at Andark Lake

posted 8 Jun 2015, 04:37 by Brighton Bsac

Training at Andark Lake for Ocean and Sports Divers. We were joined by Adur BSAC and Snorkelling Club for a fun day and glorious sunshine.
Congratulations to everyone who got skills signed off, and to our Diving Officer, Steve, who trying to do an imitation of Batman emerging from the depths- you scared no one!!!

British Divers Marine Life Rescue- Talk 6th May 2015

posted 15 Apr 2015, 01:39 by Brighton Bsac   [ updated 15 Apr 2015, 01:43 ]

We are hosting a talk by Stephen Marsh from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, This talk will be of interest to divers, water users, and the wider community who are concerned with marine life and the natural history of our countryside.

Please join us in the bar upstairs at the Sussex Yacht Club for this great evening, all welcome!

The Best of UK Diving!

posted 13 Sep 2014, 05:04 by Brighton Bsac   [ updated 13 Sep 2014, 05:13 ]

Despite the ongoing poor viz Martin has taken some amazing photos in the last two weeks that show the very best of our underwater wildlife off the Sussex Coast

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