British Sub-Aqua Club
(The main site of all BSAC clubs around the world and a great information resource)

Sussex Yacht Club
(The site of the SYC to which we are affiliated)

Wind guru
(One of the best sites for wind predictions – a perennial concern of all divers!)
Windguru Shoreham

Shoreham Real-Time Weather
(A local site with web cam and real time weather from Shoreham beach)

BBC Weather forecast for Brighton
(Another look at the weather when you haven’t got the right answer somewhere else!)
BBC Weather Brighton

Ocean View Diving
(A good local dive shop in Lancing where our members also enjoy a discount on most products and services)

Wind Observations
(Go to Shoreham Airport for local wind predictions…good site.)

Marine Conservation Links

This section has some links that are we felt were worth looking at as they reveal much about the parlous state of our marine environment. They are also a route through to getting involved…

The End of the Line
(A polemic on the mis-management of the worlds marine resources and how we can help)

Fishonline – fish to eat
(A guide to eating sustainable fish at home and in restaurants)

Marine Conservation Society
(The MCS is a charity dedicated to protecting the UK’s “seas, shores and wildlife”)

RNLI Sea safety
Guide for helmsman

Ocean Biogeographic Information System
(Search marine species datasets from across the globe)

Marine Census of Life
(The culmination of ten years scientific effort from across the globe)