The Creative Process

Students are expected to learn and use the creative process to help them acquire and apply knowledge and skills  Use of the creative process is to be integrated with use of the critical analysis process in all facets of the arts curriculum.

Creativity involves the invention and the assimilation of new thinking and its integration with existing knowledge. Creativity is an essential aspect of innovation. Sometimes the creative process is more about asking the right questions than it is about finding the right answer. It is paradoxical in that it involves both spontaneity and deliberate, focused effort. Creativity does not occur in a vacuum. Art making is a process requiring both creativity and skill, and it can be cultivated by establishing conditions that encourage and promote its development.  All people involved need to be aware that the atmosphere they create for learning affects the nature of the learning itself. A setting that is conducive to creativity is one in which students are not afraid to suggest alternative ideas and take risks.