OpenCOBOL getting a manual

As reported on, we now have the OpenCOBOL Programmer's Guide (3.3 megabyte PDF). An awesome work.

OpenCOBOL Advocate

OpenCOBOL is the premier open source COBOL development environment. Being a very complete implementation, and licensed under GPL and LGPL, freedom has come to COBOL

See the OpenCOBOL advocacy blog at OpenCOBOL Advocate

See a lot more OpenCOBOL and general COBOL information at a TikiWiki powered collaboration site

A list of OpenCOBOL samples and utility source code is stored in an SVN repository at ocdocs

Even more information at the OpenCOBOL FAQ
(though some have opined this is more of Manual of Musings than a Frequently Asked Questions file)

REBOL Advocate

REBOL is an excellent development environment for those willing to think differently. REBOL is the Relative Expression Based Object Language. Created by Carl Sassenrath, REBOL is a tool for those that admire elegant power. Current discussion by the author can be seen in the Vive la REBOLution blog.

See the REBOL Developer Community site for scripts, articles, archives and REBOL programmer pages.